Krishna Cow Breed, Best 12 Information

Krishna cow breed or Krishna valley is an Indian breed. It is a large ISKCON farm in Hungary. It was founded by Hare Krishna devotees in the 1970s. It is also called “Hare Krishna farm”. Krishna cows have white and black spots, sometimes blue eyes, and are a cross between Holstein and Jersey breeds.

The Krishna cow breed is said to be very healthy because they live in a clean environment where they are not exposed to harmful bacteria. They produce more milk than regular cows, but the milk has less fat content so it’s healthier for humans.


How do identify the Krishna cow breed?

It is not easy to identify the Krishna cow breed. It is difficult to determine its age from its physical appearance.

Krishna BULL
Krishna BULL

The Krishna cows or browsing cattle have long hair and soft body but it is a crossbreed between Jersey and Holstein. The cows have white and black spots, sometimes blue eyes, and are a crossbreed between Jersey and Holstein.

Behavioral characteristics

Krishna cows are described as gentle and sleek animals. The Krishna cows are calm, kind, and playful. They are friendly, docile, and lacking aggression. Krishna cow is a non-stubborn animals, but they have a small amount of herd instinct. Krishna cow is a docile animal and it doesn’t try to avoid bulls in the field. They are a good companion for humans because they don’t get easily excited or angry.


Krishna cow provides high-quality milk and it doesn’t get fat. The cows produce more than the regular cows. They are used for many reasons; this is the most important aspect because they are used in many ways than other cattle.

PET Krishna Cow Breed
PET Krishna Cow Breed


Krishna cows produce up to 30 Litres of milk daily, more than traditional cows. The milk is high in protein and the absence of fat makes it healthier for humans. The milk is used to make butter and cheese. They get milk from their children, so they are healthy mothers because they take care of their children only with natural food from the ISKCON farm.


Krishna cows eat special food on the ISKCON farm, they receive only vegetarian food and fresh grass. They graze on grass and like to eat fresh grass as much as possible.

All the food of Krishna cows comes from the farm because it is a real vegetarian.

Health issue

Krishna cows are healthy animals, they don’t get sick easily. Sometimes they are stressed and they face the same problems as regular cows do if they live in the same environment. It’s important to remember that ISKCON is a vegetarian farm so the cows must be vegetarian to stay healthy.


Krishna cows have some health problems like any other animal. They may face respiratory problems like regular cattle and brucellosis is a disease that can affect them.

Special Considerations

Krishna cows are used in many ways than other cattle. They are used for many purposes. Krishna cow is used in their dairy farm and it provides up to 30L of milk daily. It produces less fat than a traditional cow but the milk is well-accepted by human beings, it does not contain any chemical substance and the milk can be easily converted into butter or cheese.

Krishna cow provides more nutrition than conventional cows. However, review the full breed profile of the Krishna cows in the following table.

Best 12 information

Breed NameKrishna cows.
Other NameKrishna valley / Krishna farm.
Place of originUttarakhand, India.
Breed PurposeDairy.
Breed ColorWhite, black, and blue eyes.
Disease resistanceGood resistance against bacterial diseases.
TemperamentQuiet, friendly, and playful.
Climate ToleranceHigh temperature, high humidity.
Age at first calving14 to 20 months.
As PetsYes.
Life span18 to 24 years.


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