Kuroiler Farming Plan, Feeding Guide & Best 5 Benefit Of Kuroiler Farming

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How to Start Kuroiler Farming?

You can start earning money with a Kuroiler Farming Plan in the easiest way possible.

Kuroiler Farm
Kuroiler Farm

Purchase Chickens

The first step to starting a Kuroiler Farming Plan is purchasing Chickens. You should purchase very good quality, healthy, active, and disease-free birds Kuroiler chicken farming business.

Purchase chickens with the following qualities

  • Strong Fowl Shape
  • Clear Eyes, clean and bright in color.
  • Strong Bones & Beak
  • Good Comb Size, red and not light-colored or small in size
  • Short Tail with even feathers over the top of the tail (no bald spots)
  • A healthy Active Bird that shows vigor and is not lethargic is important to better egg quality.


After you get your birds, you will need to provide them with a good home for them to live in. The housing for chickens should be well built, secure, and ventilated. Chickens should be kept in multi-tier chicken coops which consist of different levels with solid wire mesh floors and good quality perches.

Chicken runs & pens which are open to the sun and air should be provided with enough room for adequate exercise. 8–10 hens are allowed per square meter depending upon the breed of chicken. The chickens should be allowed to move freely from their coops and pens and be let out in the morning into a run or fenced area for about 30 minutes or more.


Breeding of chickens can be carried out by purchasing a male and female chicken. The penis of a male chicken is covered by a little fleshy hood called the “crown” and this is located between the legs above the feet.

This crown must be open for the semen to come out for breeding. The eggs are placed under a light for 30 hours. The hatching rate can be increased if the temperature is increased from approximately 32C-34C (90F to 93F).

Feeding guide

The chickens should be fed on quality chicken feed and an appropriate mix of feed (not high protein premium mix or top layer).

1) 5% mealworms

2) 1% Vitamin D3 powder

3) 5-10 % Algae Meal (for egg production)

4. 10% of Rotifers (For egg production).

5. 1 -2 Ibs mixed seed thrice a week is all you need to grow healthy birds.

6. 1 Ibs. Grit

7. 1/2-1 Ib Millet

8. 1/2 Ib downy seeds

9. 2-3 Ibs Wheat bran (for egg production)

10. 1-2 Cups oat groats (for egg production)

It is important to provide fresh clean water at all times for your chickens.

Health issues/Diseases

It is very important to provide proper care and treatment for your chickens.

  • Scaly leg syndrome  – calcium deficiency or excess calcium in the diet
  • Coccidiosis – internal parasites
  • Marek’s disease (lymphosarcoma)  – vaccine available for this, but chickens can get over it naturally too
  • Infectious Bronchitis – vaccine available for this, but chickens can get over it naturally too
  • Infectious Bronchitis – cover feed. Check your chickens for scaly legs and treat them for this.
  • Leptospirosis “Blue Death” or Sheep Virus disease  – Not a common problem in the U.S., but only because many people vaccinate their flocks; a vaccine is available
  • Marek’s Disease (lymphosarcoma) – prevention of this disease is not easy, but vaccines are available – Avian Vaccine Research Foundation

Other care and management

You should provide clean drinking water. Check daily for any parasites in the droppings. Hens may not lay eggs if they are stressed or diseased. Don’t leave your chickens out all the time – chickens can go without food for about 5 days; more so if you have older chickens and have them in a coop that does not have enough ventilation.


Direct Marketing

 You can sell eggs directly from your coop or place them at a location where people are willing to purchase them. Direct Marketing is the best way of selling eggs. The best idea would be to find out if there’s a local restaurant that uses fresh farm eggs and contacts them to see if they are interested in buying fresh farm eggs. Another option is to think of any place that would be interested in buying fresh farm eggs.

Online Marketing

If you want to sell online, then you need to learn how to sell online.


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