Lucerne Pigeon: Best 10+ Information

Lucerne pigeon is a large species of land bird found in the Alps. This distinctive bird can be seen in a variety of different colors, ranging from white to black and tan. It also has a dark band on the back that is visible when it is flying high up above. Their diet consists mainly of seeds, such as beech seeds and chestnuts, which they store in their crop until they require them during breeding season or before migration.

Lucerne Pigeon
Lucerne Pigeon

The female is larger than the male, which can reach up to 16 inches in length and weighs around 3.5 ounces. The female has a small crest on her head, which is an important feature in maintaining heat during the colder months.

How to identify lucerne pigeons?

The lucerne pigeon may be easy to confuse with the woodpigeon, which is also similar in size, appearance, and habitat. The main difference between the male and female of the species is that the female will have a greyer (or brownish) head, with a reddish patch behind each eye.

The male has a white face with black around the eyes and on top of their head. The females also have red eyes, whereas males have black eyes. Also, males tend to be larger than females. The species has a large range that overlaps with that of several other pigeons. It can be found across the Alps and Pyrenees, as well as in France, Great Britain, and Ireland.

During the breeding season, they may be found in altitudes up to 10,000 feet above sea level. They are among the last to move down from the mountains during winter. They will also migrate south in autumn and winter before returning north in spring.


Found in the Alps. First discovered in 1827. overwintering mainly in the Alps, this bird is one of the most numerous and widespread species of pigeon in the area. In summer they feed primarily on seeds, including chestnuts and acorns, while they go into breeding season (between May and August) they begin to eat more berries and small insects.

They are often seen flying high up above the rest of the wildlife, feeding on seeds that are essential for their diet during winter when food sources are scarce.

Behavioral characteristics:

These birds are social and live in pairs or small flocks. They have a wide range of different behaviors that include breeding, preening, flying, and roosting. They will also engage in courtship display’s including mutual preening, bowing, flashing their white wing patches, and sky-dancing.

Pet Lucerne Pigeon
Pet Lucerne Pigeon

Sky dancing is when one member of the pair flies high above the other member once they are at a high altitude. The male will also display by flying high up above the female and hissing at her repeatedly.

Best 10+ information:

Breed NameLucerne Cracker
Other NameAlpine Pigeon
Breed PurposeFlying, exhibition, pets
Breed Class, sizesmall, 5–6 inches
Average Lifespan11-13 years
Diet Seeds, insects, fruit, and berries.
ColorThey come in a variety of different colors that include black, gray, brown, and many.
Rarity Very common,
As PetsLucerne pigeons are great pets, they are easy to care for and good at mimicking sounds.
ReproductionThe breeding season is between mid-May to mid-August and they have an elaborate mating display that takes place when they are high up above ground level.Males will perform a series of dives and land gracefully on one foot while the female bobs up and down on her nest. They may mate several times in a day.
Flying AbilityThe birds are surprisingly good flyers and will often fly high above the rest of the wildlife.
Climate ToleranceLucerne pigeons will endure a wide range of climates, including low rainfall and freezing temperatures. Apart from the cold months when they hibernate, they do not encounter extremes in temperature.

In summary:

The lucerne pigeon is a bird that is similar in size, effect, and habitat to the wood pigeon. The two are very similar both in appearance and behavior, but it is possible to distinguish a male from a female. The females are larger than the males and also have a darker head as opposed to the white face of the male.

Both sexes have red eyes, but it is only visible on close inspection of the male’s eyes. Lucerne pigeons are social birds that have a wide range of different color combinations, these unique birds can tolerate a variety of climates and fly high above the rest of the species.

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