Midget White Turkey Facts, Characteristics, Uses: Best 10 Information Of It

Midget white turkey facts is a blog that posts about the breed of domestic turkey for its white plumage. There are white turkeys out there, and they are known as midget white turkeys. These poultry birds have uncommonly small size and white feathers, which is how they get their names.

There are plenty of different types of this breed, but the most common in North America seems to be the Midget White Turkey. This type is bred specifically for its small size, whiteness, and extra tenderness. There are many people interested in midget white turkey facts because of the unusual color and texture of this breed compared to other turkeys.


How to identify midget white turkey

If you want to find out how to identify midget white turkey, it is relatively easy. White color is the most obvious identifier, but one of the most important characteristics to look for when trying to identify a Midget White Turkey is its size.

Midget White Turkey
Midget White Turkey

These birds are significantly smaller than common turkeys, with an average weight of 8-10 pounds when fully grown. In addition, these turkeys have bright red wattles and large crests on their heads. They also have speckled white feathers in addition to their solid white ones.

characteristics of midget white turkey

One of the characteristics of midget white turkey is its size. As mentioned previously, this breed is significantly smaller than most other turkeys. The average weight when fully grown is 8-10 pounds, which means that it is lighter than some common breeds of chickens. This makes it a good choice for people living in urban areas where raising large amounts of food might be an issue. Another characteristic of the midget white turkey is its feathers, which are white with speckles of red interspersed throughout them.

midget white turkey fact

 One of the most common questions asked about midget white turkey facts is whether or not these birds are truly different than common turkeys that are raised for food. The answer is yes, but there are some significant differences.

A major difference between these two types of turkeys is that Midget White Turkey meat has less fat than a standard turkey’s meat, making it more tender and flavorful. Also, the meat from this breed is significantly smaller in size compared to a regular turkey.

Type of midget white turkey

The type of midget white turkey that is commonly raised in North America seems to be the Midget White Turkey. That is not to say that there are no other types of these turkeys, however. There are several other types of these birds, including Snow, Miniature, and Commercial.

mating habits

In addition to being raised as pets and food, midget white turkeys can also be bred to help increase the population of these birds. Therefore, there is a large demand for Midget White Turkey breeders out there. In addition, the vast majority of Midget White Turkey breeders are dedicated people that only care about their birds and not about the money they can make off them.


One of the most common uses for Midget White Turkey is as stock to be raised for food. This type of turkey is a good choice if you want meat that is extra tender and flavorful since they can only produce enough eggs and meat to feed one or two people at a time.

In addition, another use for these birds is as pets. Many people keep Midget White Turkey as pets, but they require less space than most other types of poultry because they are so small.

Best 10 information on midget white turkey

Breed NameMidget white turkey
Other NameDwarf White Turkey
Breed PurposeEggs, meat, and pet
Breed Class, sizeSmall
WeightRoughly 13 lbs and hens 8-10 lbs,
Flying AbilityNo
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
TemperamentCalm, smart, and social
Egg LayingYes
ColorWhite with red wattles and wattles, speckled white feathers
Country/Place of OriginNorth America
As PetsYes
Life Span8 to 14 years
DietSeeds, Insects, and small mammals


The conclusion for midget white turkey facts is that this breed is pretty hard to find but has a lot of potentials. It is a good pet, and even if you live in an urban area, these birds can make great pets. They don’t require a large amount of space and are relatively easy to take care of.

With these facts on midget white turkey, I hope you would be able to know more about this type of bird and decide if it is what you want as a pet or something else.

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