Miguel Dog, Best 9 Information

Miguel dog is a dog breed. it is originating from Spain. It was bred by Don Pedro. the name of this dog breed is Miguel, and the word means “great”. The first Miguel was owned by a breeder named don Pedro who worked with a female dogs from different bloodlines to produce the ideal companion animal.

The result was a dog that would establish the physical standards for the breed. Pedro named the dog Miguela after himself, and the word means “great”. Pedro bred Miguela with a related Spanish water dog, known as an español. This resulted in a single litter of pups born in 1958.

These descendants were bred with other dogs to refine the breed standard. Miguel dogs were imported into North America in 1975 and began to gain popularity as companion animals by 1980.


How to identify Miguel dog?

Miguel dog is a medium-sized dog that weighs an average of 14–25 kg. This dog is strong-boned, and it has a muscular body. It has an almond-shaped nose.

Miguel Dog Breed
Miguel Dog Breed

The tail is covered with fur and medium-long in length. This dog stands from 61 to 68 cm tall on its back legs, and the height should be equal to the shoulder height of the dog (measured from withers to ground).

Behavioral characteristics

Miguel’s dog is an intelligent, active, and personable companion. It has a high degree of loyalty, and it is protective, but also very friendly. Miguel’s dogs are good with children. These dogs are intelligent and trainable with proper training.

It can become an excellent obedience dog for a family that enjoys the responsibility of living in harmony with their dog’s needs, such as caring for the General Care and Training Page…

As pet

Miguel’s dog is an ideal pet for a family who enjoys living with a dog. It is very obedient, and it is good with children.

pet Miguel Dog
pet Miguel Dog

This dog breed has many talents such as tracking, agility, obedience, and watchdog. Miguels can compete in dog sports such as agility. Miguel’s dog has been used for hunting and as a military dog. It was excelling in the following areas: tracking, agility, obedience, and watchdog.

As herding dogs

Miguel’s dogs were also very good at herding livestock. it can work in open country and on mountainous terrain with high agility and stamina. Miguel can go up to 16 hours a day.


The dog can eat a variety of different foods. The obligatory foods are grain-free, high-protein kibble with low carbohydrates. Meat is also an important part (not the main source) of the dog’s diet. It is recommended that the meat be given raw or dead for health reasons. Miguel’s dog has many talents such as tracking, agility, obedience, and a watchdog.

Miguel can compete in dog sports such as agility. Miguel’s dog requires a medium amount of food. they need to eat small portions throughout the day. this dog is highly active, and it has a high energy level. Miguel’s dogs eat 3 times a day and are fed with recommended dog food. it can be canned or dry food.

Health issue

Miguel’s dogs are very healthy. they have a lowered immune system and they may contract colds or other viruses. High temperatures can be harmful to them, so an owner must be careful about providing a proper climate for the dog. Miguel dogs are also susceptible to any problems associated with the descendants of their line.


Miguel’s dogs can live in an apartment if they get enough exercise. it is not good for the dog to be kept indoors all the time. They require a daily walk or another form of exercise to keep them healthy, but they must be taken care of during extreme weather. Miguel is suitable for living outdoors, and it should have access to shade and shelter from inclement weather.

Special Considerations

Miguel’s dog’s coat is thick and the skin is loose and smooth. The hair on the head is short in length, but the coats are long on the tail. It has whole-color, soft woolly, or curly hair. The coat varies in color from white to lemon to sable to black. this breed sheds minimally and does not do well with mats. However, review the full breed profile of the Miguel dog in the following table.

Best 9 information

Breed NameMiguel dog
Country of OriginSpain
Breed Class, sizeMedium
Breed PurposeHerding dog
ColorAny color.
Climate ToleranceCold
TemperamentAmiable, intelligent
Lifespan(Dog years)15 years.


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