Mini Oberhasli: Best 10+ Information

Mini Oberhasli is a goat breed of the Oberhasli, which is the most common of all goat breeds. It is also a dairy goat and produces just about any type of milk you need such as leather, meat, and cheese. Mini Oberhasli was created to produce milk more efficiently, so producers could make more cheese with less labor.

It is currently the favorite and most popular dairy goat in the US. It has been used as a model goat since it was first bred in the 1930s at the federal farm research institute. It got its name due to its small size, and because of this, it can be raised indoors with little space.

Oberhasli goats originate from Switzerland. They are medium-sized goats with long hair that covers their body in various colors such as gray, tan, brown, or black with white patches on their head and chest or no markings at all.


How to identify mini Oberhasli?

Very easy to identify, rosy-colored fleece with white markings. It is a well-built animal that looks like a miniature horse (horse-sized goat) this breed of Oberhasli goats can weigh from. Mini Oberhasli is a small goat only growing up to 5 kg (8 lbs) that has a longer hair coat and is classified by its white markings around the body.

Mini Oberhasli
Mini Oberhasli

They produce milk just as much or more than larger Oberhasli goats but are easier to handle, can be raised indoors, have fewer room requirements, and are a smaller size.

Country/Place of Origin?

Mini Switzerland or it may be Austria and Germany. Oberhasli is derived mainly from the swiss alpine region of Germany, but can also be found in France and Austria.

Behavioral characteristics

It is very docile and sociable, making it easier to handle. It does not get on well with other goats of the same sex without carefully selecting for this traitor introducing as a baby companion after weaning so any kind of Oberhasli goat should be limited in different litters!


Very calm and docile, gentle. It is not a big eater of food as its small size works against it; often going for fiber to fill the stomach and harden up muscles which helps in working them out like weight-lifting. Another interesting thing about these goats is their strong odor which can be described as similar to the smell of bubbling vinegar or chemical smells but seems harmless because that doesn’t bother them too much.

The differences between Oberhasli and other goats are

Physical Proportions, Coat Color with small white markings in front and around their body that gives them an appearance of more like domestic sheep than the larger ibex they come from; length – coat -genetics-behavior.

Best 10+ information

Breed Name Oberhsli Breed
Other Name Swis Alpine Goat
Breed Purpose Dairy
Size Small
Origin of Origin Cow quantity farmyard, Switzerland
Weight 30 to 60 kg (65 to 132 lbs)
Climate Tolerance A temperature from 10° C to + 37° C (14 , 20 ° F)
Life Expectancy up to 10 years, does not mean that there’s no heart attack or death in about nine months!
Color black or sometimes blue,black
Coat long, soft, and wooly
Rarity rare with a limited number of animals.
Stall Fed Yes

In summary

This breed may be seen as the third generation of Swiss Alpine Goat. Oberhasli goat is known mainly in the EU, Switzerland, and also North America. They are fewer than 1 million who owned these breeds; they were the top priority to obtain a better immune system with dairy product consumption.

It is because that’s the way it’s easy to grow them indoors into being used almost every day in greenhouse conditions. Austria has come up with an Oberhasli goat is a smaller version of the Swiss Alpine Goat.

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