Mora Romagnola, Best 10 Information

Mora Romagnola is a breed of pig that is native to the Romagna region of Italy. For centuries, these pigs have been a staple of the diet in that region. The name is from Italian and means “black-skinned”. The countries exporting this type of pig were France, Belgium, and Poland.

However, it is not currently considered to be a breed registered with any international society such as the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy or Slow Food International.


How to identify mora Romagnola?

Mora Romagnola has a black coat and white spots on the forehead, snout, ears, and tail, resulting from the pattern of pigmented skin cells. The pig’s skin is smooth and free from wrinkles.

Mora Romagnola BREED
Mora Romagnola BREED

Mora Romagnola has short ears that are a little more than one inch long but are thick and cover only half of their head, which is rounded with a protruding snout. They have strong legs with square feet that are compact compared to other breeds of pigs.

Behavioral characteristics

Mora Romagnola is docile, easy to handle, and also easy to maintain. They don’t bark or growl due to the sound of their long tails, which can be up to two feet tall. They are very intelligent and affectionate. They are also known for their ability to keep in shape when placed in a large enclosure surrounded by grass, shrubs, and bushes, along with plenty of natural sunlight.

Mora Romagnola is a very clean animal and their manure is mainly a result of the diet they consume. They also have a high level of meat, which makes them ideal as table pigs. They are commonly bred with other breeds to form a hybrid known as the pink mora Romagnola. This type of pig is perfect for both commercial production and consumption, as well as for personal possession, due to its characteristics and quality.


Mora Romagnola is primarily used for its high meat content and is a well-marketed type of pig. These pigs have been available for consumption since the mid-1800s when they were first exported to various countries in Europe like France and Belgium.

Cultivated by the Romans (circa 300 BC) as well as by the Greeks and Carthaginians, they were used especially as food. In the fourteenth century, these pigs were brought to Russia by Mongolian wise men who had come to settle there.

As pet

Mora Romagnola is generally a pet popular in northern Italy. Along with other pig breeds, they are commonly kept as pets by many people who live in areas where pigs have been traditionally raised. Due to their docile and friendly nature, they are often used as studs for boars, because of the high quantity of meat that they can produce.

This type of pig is also used to revert the color to its genuine black coat so that it can be sold for a high price back in Italy.

Health issue

Mora Romagnola is a healthy pet and generally appears to be very strong in terms of health. They rarely get sick, and most people who own a Mora Romagnola will not have to deal with vet bills because the pet is ill.

Their skin is susceptible to parasites that can be found in their surroundings. The most common one is known as mange mite. This requires immediate treatment by a veterinarian to cure the pig quickly and effectively.


Mora Romagnola is very similar to many other breeds of pigs in terms of their diet. They are fed a specific diet that provides the pig with all the necessary nutrients it needs to be healthy. The staple component of this diet is grain, but they also receive other types of food, like fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Special Considerations

Mora Romagnola is often raised by people who raise other pigs or cattle. They are known for their hardiness, great personalities, and gentle demeanor. Since mora Romagnola doesn’t bark often, they are seen as very calm pet pigs. They have also been known to be very easy to train and housebreak based on the efforts of their owners.

This breed is not recommended for people with young children due to its large size after it has grown up to full size. However, review full breed profile of the Mora Romagnola in the following table.

Best 10 information

Breed NameMora Romagnola.
Other NameBlack Pig.
Country of OriginItaly & France.
Breed PurposeMeat, Hog.
Breed Class, sizeLarge.
Color/Coat TypeBlack and white.
Climate ToleranceAny climate.
TemperamentGentle and good-natured.
Lifespan8-10 years.


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