Neighbor’s Yard Smells Like Dog Poop: Best 6 Methods For Removing Pet Odors

Nothing is more unpleasant than walking down a street as the stench of feces and urine assaults your nose. This is not just an occasional occurrence; it always seems to happen! Many neighborhoods are burdened by yards that look like they were never cleaned.

And we’re not talking about just one or two yards. Our communities are crawling with yards that look like they were never cleaned. And the smell from these yards can be unbearable when the wind blows in the wrong direction.

People do certain things that make their yards look awful and smell terrible. Please don’t make these common mistakes, or you will regret them! The most common mistake that people make is allowing their dogs to poop and pee on their lawns and not cleaning them up.


What Do I Do If My Yard Smells Like Dog Poop?

This is a difficult question to answer. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution to a problem like this. There are several things you can try at home, such as:

  1. You are mowing your yard regularly. This will help eliminate smells and keep your grass fresh and green.
  2. Rake your yard up to a few inches. This will help eliminate smells and let the sunlight in.
  3. You can try to use commercial dog repellants and deterrents to keep dogs from using your lawn as a bathroom. There are several products on the market that homeowners have used with great success, such as dog urine remover, cat urine remover, and doggie repellant sprays. There are even some more expensive pet care products that contain chemicals that repel animals.

Why does my backyard smell like dog poop?

A backyard that smells like dog poop is often a common problem. It gets smelly due to dog owners not cleaning up after their pets. They either assume it will go away, or they don’t care enough to take the time to clean up after their dog and dispose of the feces in the trash or bury them in their backyard. Either way, once pet droppings are left on your lawn for long periods, they do not go away by themselves and begin to smell very foul.

How do you get rid of the poop smell outside?

You can use several methods to remove the foul smell of pet feces from your yard. The first thing you should do is locate the feces in your yard and make sure that they have been removed, as this is most likely the cause of the dirty and smelly backyard.

Once you are sure that nothing is left behind, you can remove the foul odor by using natural products around your home.

Best 6 Methods for Removing Pet Odors

1. Water

Dogs will often use water to clean up their mess by licking it on their paws or going into the nearby water fountain. To eliminate the foul odors, you can run a hose through your yard while cleaning up the feces and letting them soak in.

2. Scrape it up

You can use sharp objects such as a shovel, rake, or broom to scrape up pet waste and dispose of it in the trash. This will help eliminate the foul odors from the feces, but it will not do anything for the urine.

3. Citrus Peels

If you have orange or lemon peels around your house, you can use them to eliminate pet odors in your yard. Place a few peels on top of the smelly areas or put them with other pet waste in your trash to remove any foul smells in your yard.

4. Pine Smell

If you have a small amount of wood in your yard, such as pine or cedar, you can use it to eliminate pet odors. You can either throw the wood away or place a few pieces on the smelly areas.

5. Bleaching powder

You can use bleaching powder to eliminate any foul smell coming from dog poop left in your yard. Add one part bleach to three parts water and let the solution sit on the smelly areas of your yard for a few hours.

6. Vinegar

You can use vinegar to eliminate odors from pet feces in your yard. Just mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water and place it on the smelly areas of your yard.

Neighbors not picking up dog poop in their yard

If they don’t pick up their dog’s poop and leave it all over the yard, you can remind them that they are supposed to clean up after their dogs. This can be done by having them walk their dogs on a leash or by having them pick up after the pets themselves.

The most important thing you can do is clean up after your dog has left the mess. Make sure that all pet waste is removed from the area, which includes any droppings that are still usable, as well as feces that have been left behind that obviously could not be used.

Nuisance smells from neighbors

Avoid starting a verbal argument if you want to prevent your neighbor from leaving nuisance smells all over your yard. Try to be courteous and friendly when talking with them, and try not to let your frustration bother you. They will most likely apologize for the nuisance after seeing that it bothers you.

Either way, you should avoid any adverse reactions from you or them. If the smells are still there and you don’t want your neighbor to bring the pet over anymore, you can try to bring it up as nicely as possible.

Tell them that the pet is probably not very happy in their yard if it has to go so far away for a bathroom and that they might want to take it outside in the middle of the lawn instead of on one side.

Final thought

It would help if you tried to talk to the neighbors and work out a deal that will allow them to keep their dog happy and healthy while you keep your yard smelling wonderful. This should go both ways, as the dog is probably getting sick of the smell, too. Try to be courteous and friendly with them during this time, as it will go much better than if you do not try to come at them with a stick.

If you cannot agree and there is still dog poop in your yard, try using one of the methods above to clean up the area in question. You can do this in several ways, such as using natural products found around your home or calling commercial pet waste cleanup companies.