Oriental Frill Pigeon, Colors & Best 10+ Information

In the world of aviculture, there exists a fascinating variety of pigeons, each with its unique charm and allure. One such captivating breed is the Oriental Frill Pigeon. With its distinct appearance, graceful demeanor, and extraordinary feathering, this breed has captivated the hearts of pigeon enthusiasts and bird lovers alike.

Join me as we delve into the captivating world of Oriental Frill Pigeons and explore the characteristics that make them truly exceptional.


Aesthetic Appeal

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, the Oriental Frill Pigeon stands out effortlessly. With its elegant posture, gentle disposition, and mesmerizing feather patterns, this breed is truly a sight to behold.

What sets these pigeons apart is their extravagant feathering around the neck and chest, forming a striking ruff that cascades downwards, almost resembling a delicate lace collar. The feathers themselves are often silky and soft, coming in a wide array of colors, including white, black, red, yellow, and many other shades, making each pigeon a unique work of art.

Physical Features

Beyond their ornate plumage, Oriental Frill Pigeons possess other distinctive physical features. Their body is medium-sized, with a compact yet graceful build.

 Real Oriental Frill Pigeon
Real Oriental Frill Pigeon

They have a well-rounded head, adorned with a prominent beak, and expressive eyes that exude intelligence and curiosity. One notable attribute of this breed is their short beak, which lends an adorable appearance to their overall countenance.

Temperament and Behavior

Oriental Frill Pigeons are known for their calm and docile nature, making them excellent pets and exhibition birds. They exhibit a gentle temperament, which allows them to thrive in domestic settings and interact harmoniously with humans. Due to their tranquil disposition, they are highly regarded as show birds and are often showcased in exhibitions and competitions.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for Oriental Frill Pigeons requires attention to their specific needs to ensure their well-being and happiness. A spacious aviary or loft is essential to provide them with enough room to fly and exercise. Regular cleaning of their living quarters is necessary to maintain good hygiene.

A balanced diet consisting of high-quality pigeon feed, supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables, is crucial for their nutrition. Additionally, ensuring access to clean water at all times is essential for their hydration.

Breeding and Genetics

Breeding Oriental Frill Pigeons can be a rewarding endeavor for those interested in expanding their pigeon collection or contributing to the preservation of this stunning breed. It’s important to note that Oriental Frill Pigeons possess certain genetic traits that affect their plumage and feather quality.

Breeders often employ selective breeding techniques to enhance desired characteristics, such as feather length, density, and coloration. Patience and dedication are required in this process to achieve the desired results.

Best 10+ information

Breed NameFrill pigeon.
Other NameNone.
Country of OriginTurkey.
Breed PurposeMeat and pet.
DietFruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and nuts, including some greens such as alfalfa.
Flying AbilityAverage.
Climate ToleranceAdapts well to a wide variety of climates.
TemperamentGood, but they can be noisy.
As PetsYes.
Life Span5–10 years.


The Oriental Frill Pigeon is undoubtedly a breed that appeals to both novice pigeon enthusiasts and experienced breeders alike. Their unique appearance, elegant demeanor, and tranquil disposition make them a true gem in the world of aviculture.

Whether admired for their exquisite beauty or cherished as companion birds, Oriental Frill Pigeons continue to capture the hearts of people around the globe. Their presence adds a touch of elegance and grace to any aviary, making them a coveted addition for those who appreciate the artistry of nature.

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