Oriental Roller Pigeons 10: Best 10+ Information

Oriental Roller pigeons 10 is a type of pigeon breed noted for rolling and flying in loop-de-loops. They can roll upside down, while upright, or while turning around. Their exceptional ability to perform these feats makes them popular show birds.

However, they are not particularly desirable as coop animals due to their loud call, messy habits, and poor coverage capabilities. Oriental rollers are medium-sized with a long lifespan and appear to have a maximum life span of 14–15 years. Their average weight is 100–120g.

They are good flyers during the molting months, and they also can fly backward, suspended upside down from their feet. These pigeons are mainly raised as coop pets because of their unique appearance, but they can also be used for exhibition purposes.


How to identify Oriental Roller pigeons 10?

Oriental Roller pigeons 10 is a medium-sized pigeon in comparison to other pigeon breeds. They have a very prominent chest and a fairly large head with very large eyes. The color of their eyes can be any color, but red, orange and yellow are the most common colors. They also have an extra toe on each foot that can be hidden by their small feathers.

These birds are mainly bred into two varieties: flying rollers (which can fly while upright) and ground rollers (which cannot fly while upright). They are known to have medium-sized bodies with long lifespans. Their average body weight ranges from 100–120g. They can have either single or double combs, and they can either be red and white or dark red and white.

Behavioral characteristics:

Oriental Roller pigeons 10 is known for its good flying skills and its curious character. They do not tend to bite or kick. They are quite wild and are bred in flocks of up to hundreds for exhibition purposes. The standard is set by the males in the flock, but all members will be selected and trained to become fliers if they choose to become show birds.

The show birds are also known to be quite tasty. They have a very unique taste and they are bred in France, Italy, Germany, Poland, and other countries that have an interest in the pigeon industry. They are commonly used as coop pets or as flying pigeons because of their good flying skills. They are known to be quite loud when they call out to each other, but they can be trained to be quiet.


Oriental Roller pigeons 10 are commonly used as coop pets because of their unique characteristics. They also have a very good flying speed, and can easily navigate even longer distances. They are also used as show birds for exhibition and competition purposes. These birds can be used for both exhibition purposes and as domestic pets.

Oriental Roller Pigeons 10 pair
Oriental Roller Pigeons 10 pair

They are very playful and they are known to be quite curious animals that enjoy interacting with people. This breed of pigeons is commonly sold in Europe, the Middle East, and China. Some of the owners of these birds also sell them to other countries for breeding purposes or exhibitions. Because of their wild nature, smaller children should be supervised so that they do not get hurt by them when playing with them.


The Orientals are very friendly and easy to handle. They like to move around in a large cage and can easily be trained to fly from one corner to the other by forming a running track in the cage with perches or rope. This racing action is most visible on the last day of each molt but also occurs during this period between molts.

Best 14 information

Breed Name Oriental Roller pigeons 10
Country of Origin France, Italy, Germany, Poland, and other countries.
Size Medium.
Length 75 to 80cm
Colour Medium red, white, and gray pigeons with black beaks, eyes, and feet.
Breed Purpose Used as coop pets,
Breeding Between February and July.
Flying Ability Good flying
Climate Tolerance Moderate in hot weather
Temperament Friendly and easy to handle
Noise Level Quiet (compared to other breeds)
Lifespan 14to15 years
As a pet Excellent, if handled gently from a young age.


It is very important to keep the wings clipped because they can get into trouble if they decide to fly away. It is also very important to keep them in pairs as they are social animals and require company. However, review the full breed profile of the Oriental Roller pigeons 10 in the following table:

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