Pacific Saury Fish, Characteristics, Uses & Best 12 Notes

Pacific saury fish is a type of fish found in Japan and regions around the Pacific ocean, pacific saury fish has a small mouth, an elongated body, and two wings on the upper half of its body.

The fish is usually less than 6 inches long with pinkish-red skin that covers white meat inside. The meat is reportedly very tender when fresh and can be eaten raw or cooked in dishes like sashimi or sushi.


How to identify pacific saury fish?

The Pacific saury fish is between 11 and 13 inches in length. Its stripes are tipped with orange and blue, with a black stripe over the head. It has a two-layer dorsal fin that contains soft rays, which run from the front of its head to its rear.

The tail fin is longer than the dorsal fin, and it is covered by many small spines. Fish often have a dark vertical band along the bottom of their bodies.

Behavioral Physical Characteristics

Pacific saury fish is about 1 to 4 pounds and it has two wings on its upper half. The body is elongated, and it has a short tail. Its back is gray, with a thin red stripe that extends from the top of its back. Its fins are more yellow than the rest of its body, with a black outline around the fin.

The dorsal fin contains soft rays, which curve and run from the front of the head to the rear portion of the fish’s body.


The males develop “barbels” or “whiskers” during the breeding season, in which they wiggle in front of the females to attract them to lay eggs. The reproductive behavior of this fish is similar to that of tuna, but there is no evidence that it ever undertakes long-distance migrations.


Pacific saury fish has a diet consisting mainly of squid and crustaceans. They have also been known to eat small fish and planktonic creatures such as copepods and krill.


In Japan, the Pacific saury is valued for its roe (eggs), which is used for making karasumi, a kind of surimi. Pacific saury fish’s eggs are fried up into a dish called “Nigiri-zushi” and are also processed into a paste used to make sushi rolls, but this usage is diminishing as a fish roe from other species becomes cheaper.

Pacific Saury Fish FOR FOOD
Pacific Saury Fish FOR FOOD

The fish has been described as having a rich flavor and firm texture when eaten as sashimi or sushi. Pacific saury fish are frequently used in Japanese cuisine. They are the main ingredient of saury kamaboko, which is a popular food item, often served in bento or as Tsukudani, or simmered in soy sauce.

They are also a popular sushi topping and sashimi. Pacific saury fish eggs are included in many kinds of cuisine and dishes across Japan as a delicacy.

best 12 Notes

Pacific saury fish is a coldwater species in the family Scombridae, and it is found in many parts of the western Pacific Ocean. They are also found in continental waters around Japan. The Pacific saury has been referred to as a redfish, but an individual fish might have one or more orange stripes (the name “Pacific saury” comes from this).

However, review the full profile of the pacific saury fish in the following table.

NamePacific saury fish.
Climate ToleranceTropical, Subtropical.
ColorRed, green, gray.
Length6 inches.
Weight1.0 to 4.0 pounds.


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