Panda GoldFish, Characteristics, Uses, Breeding & Best 10 Notes

Panda goldfish is a very beautiful variety of fancy goldfish. They are a cross between two other goldfish breeds and the result is an exquisite and captivating fish that is worth every penny. Panda Gold Fish appreciate their unique goldfish personality, with one eye larger than the other, which makes them extra cute to look at.

The long whiskers on their head make them even more unique looking. The name comes from their rosy cheeks that look like a little panda’s face when they are seen from above! These particular fancy goldfish have a bright red coloration to them.


How to identify panda goldfish?

Color of eyes: white

Body shape: rounder than the common goldfish.

Length: 16–19 cm min.

The panda’s body is a red color with black and white patches, the fins are orange, the tail fin is round in shape and when viewed from above it has an eye-like pattern.  The panda goldfish also has an unusual, almost Siamese-cat-like face.

These goldfish are medium-sized, so they require a 20 cm or smaller aquarium.

Behavioral Physical Characteristics

It is fairly social like most goldfish. The panda goldfish requires a larger aquarium than many other aquarium fish.

They require the same care as other fancy goldfish, so be sure to keep their water clean, and that they are fed a good diet. Pandas will generally do well with a wide range of water conditions. PH: 6.5-7. The panda can live up to 10 years or more with proper care.

Panda Gold Fish Diet

They enjoy eating flake or pellet food and they can also be fed live food or frozen food. The panda goldfish will also eat aquatic plants, and if you want to breed them, they’ll need live food.

They are omnivores. They will eat flake or pellet food, and they can also be fed live or frozen food. The panda goldfish also eats aquatic plants, and if you want to breed them, they’ll need live food.


Panda goldfish can breed once a year when there is enough mature “make-up” water available to maintain the female’s egg sac. When the females are in good egg shape, they can be placed in a small spawning tank with two or three males.

A male should be introduced to the spawning tank and allowed to swim around for about an hour before being placed next to the female. They will spawn within 24 hours after that. The eggs are removable so they can be flushed out and fertilized.

varieties of panda goldfish

It is a popular ornamental fish that could be found in many goldfish aquariums. Such as butterfly panda goldfish, golf ball goldfish, crown pearl scale goldfish, panda telescope goldfish, pompom goldfish, etc.

varieties of panda goldfish
varieties of panda goldfish

The panda goldfish comes from China and is considered one of the more beautiful varieties of goldfish aquarium. But today, this fish is rare to see because those who raise them often lose interest and place the female fish directly in their tanks where they die.


This fish is used in aquariums as a decorative ornament.

best 10 Notes

The panda goldfish is considered one of the most beautiful varieties of golden fish in the aquarium. The fish are considered common, beautiful, and decorative. They are very smart and come when you call their name. The panda goldfish is a very interesting type of goldfish because the males are smaller than the females.

If a female becomes pregnant, then her belly will swell up round and full. Pandas do not get as large as some other goldfish because they mainly reproduce by crossbreeding. However, review the full profile of the panda goldfish in the following table.

NamePanda goldfish
TypeFancy goldfish
Body ShapeRounder than the common goldfish.
Breed PurposeOrnamental aquarium fish
Water Temperature26-29° C (79-84° F)
ColorRed with Black and White patches,
Climate ToleranceTropical, Warm and Cold water


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