Peacock Bird Cost, USA, India & best 5 Rules Of Pet

Peacock bird cost is not an important issue. It is a pretty bird. The peacock bird’s fascinating tail feathers, which it flicks repeatedly in its display to attract a mate, are the most striking feature of this beautiful and exotic creature. The tail feathers range from vibrant blue to fiery red and have been likened to flames that shoot from the peacock’s body.

This patterned array is unlike any other natural sound or color found on Earth, which makes the peacocks’ tails easy for predators and prey alike to spot. Peacocks have a hard time attracting a mate without their tails. Male peacocks have long and intricate tail feathers that are used to attract the attention of females.


Peacock bird cost

Peacock prices vary in different countries. However, not all countries allow peacocks. In many parts of the world, peacocks are killed for their beautiful feathers. In the US, it is illegal to trade peacocks in most states. Unless you live in a very rural area where peacocks are not abundant, you will most likely pay a lot of money to own a peacock.

Peacock Bird
Peacock Bird

If you do get one, make sure that you have enough space to keep it and can provide good lighting and care. Below is a list of current prices for peacocks in different countries

peacock bird cost in the USA

In the United States, it is illegal to trade peacocks in most states. Some states allow keeping only certain species of peafowl and restrict the number of birds in a household. The states that do allow peacocks include Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, and South Carolina.

A baby peacock’s price is around $50-$100, and A mature peacock’s price is around $100-$200, On average a breeding pair will cost you around $10,000. If the birds start producing offspring they will cost around $1,500 each.

Peacock bird price in India

In India, peacocks cost approximately between Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh depending on their age and other factors like area and breed. In some states of India keeping peacocks is banned because they are categorized as “vermin”.

Peacock bird price in other countries

In the United Kingdom, peacocks cost between £1,000 and £2,000. Peacocks in China cost between 10-20 yuan. In Poland, they cost around 100 euros. In Hungary, they cost around 1000 to 2500 euros depending on the quality of the birds. They are very rare in Chile, so a pair can be bought for some of the best farms there.

On average they cost around $1,000. In Germany, peacocks can be bought for about €800. In Norway, around 750 – 1000 euros is a fair price. They are very rare in France, so a pair can be bought from the best farms there for about €600 – €1200. In Canada, their price ranges from $700 to $3,000.

rules of pet Peacock birds in many countries

Apart from the United States, peacocks are legally permitted in several European countries. They may be bred and kept as a pet in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria. In the United Kingdom, it is legal to keep peacocks for non-commercial purposes only under a license from DEFRA (and for commercial breeding, a permit from BASC).

No individual may own more than 20 peacocks or acquire them from other sources, no matter how many he or she owns at any one time. Peacocks may be kept as pets in Australia if they are a certain species. In Canada, peacocks are considered wild animals, so it is illegal to keep them without proper permits.

Peacock is a very heavy bird and its bird cage should have a big size to be able to move around freely. The peacock can fly well so it must have enough space for stretching its wings. The peacock bird cages should have some large branches or trunks for the birds to climb.


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