Pure Kamori Goat: USA, Best 10 Information

Pure Kamori goat is a popular and beautiful breed of goat. They are mostly white, with some brown and black in the coats and around the eyes. Their horns can be straight or spiral. This is a small breed of livestock, It is a milk goat breed but they do not produce milk like sheep or cattle. They have a small body, are lightweight, and have fast growth. They can be found in different colors, but white is the most common.

They are very easy to breed and are considered one of the best goat breeds for beginners. Their name was taken from the place where this breed was first bred. Kamori goats were bred in the Kamori city of Kagawa prefecture in Japan. In 1953, there were about 22 goat farms and now there are only two farms left in Kamori city.

How to identify pure Kamori goat?

Pure Kamori goat has four characteristics that can be easily distinguished from other breeds. They have a large body, small and wide forehead, long ear shape and their hip is clear. Pure Kamori goat milk is creamy white with a low level of butterfat. Milk can be made into cheese or yogurt.

Pure Kamori Goat farm
Pure Kamori Goat farm

Kamori goats are very friendly, kids and pet is the same way. They have a similar appearance to Pygora goats. Pygora is a brand name for crossbred goats, but pure Kamori has similar characteristics with them are like Pygora goats.

Kamori goat in USA:

Kamori goat originally came from Pakistan. The breed was exported to the United States in the 1960s and since then it has become popular over there. Though it is a rare breed now. The most famous part of Kamori goat is their large udders, which differ from any other breeds when it comes to milk production.

The udder averages about 6 liters of milk per day for a large percentage of the year. This high production makes them ideal dairy animals for small farms and even individuals that want a lot of milk for their families.

Kamori Goat Characteristics:

They have a large body, a small and wide forehead. This characteristic is very obvious in baby goats and can be easily noticed in the adult goat. The head is much larger than sheep or cattle milk goat. Their horns are short and are mainly used for identification purposes only.

For this reason, Kamori Goats are rarely seen in on-farm markets because they do not have long horns which will attract the buyer’s attention. They have a long ear shape and clear hip. Kamori Goats are very easy to keep because they are very friendly. They have a close resemblance to Pygora goats in appearance and are also very friendly.

The ear of Kamori goat is longer than sheep or cattle milk goat. Little round ears can be seen on them, which is also another reason why they are not traded frequently as they do not look attractive to potential buyers.


Kamori Goats are mainly used for meat, but sometimes they are used for dairy as well. As Kamori goat milk is creamy white with a low level of butterfat and a very high protein content, it is not good enough to be produced as dairy. In some areas in Japan, the price of this product is below sheep’s milk so the farmers use it to produce cheese instead. Like Pygora goat, Kamori goats are also bred for fleece production.

Pure Kamori goats are also used for riding, they make very good riding animals because they are very friendly and easy to ride. This breed is also used for horse riding. They are also popular in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan as pets. The price for them is relatively high when compared to other goat breeds. They have a similar appearance to Pygora goats which makes them a good choice too.

Best information:

Breed Name Pure Kamori goat
Breed PurposeMeat, milk, and skin
Weight Male weight: 50 kg to 80 kg. Female weight: 40 kg to 60 kg
Climate ToleranceThey are commonly found in areas near the sea or coastal regions.
ColorsWhite, Brown, and black in the coats and around the eyes.
Country/Place of OriginKamori city of Kagawa prefecture in Japan
Ease of careVery easy to take care of. They are friendly.
As PetsYes, they are also very friendly and easy to keep.
Average lifespan 10 years or longer

In summary

Pure Kamori goat can be found in different colors, but white is the most common color. These goats are very easy to reproduce and are very friendly. The size of these goats is also small and their weight range is only 70 to 100 kg. Pure Kamori goat milk contains more protein than other milk so it can be used for the production of cheese and yogurt.

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