Red Poll Cattle Characteristics & Best 10  Information

Redpoll cattle characteristics is a gentle, docile animal raised for meat. Red Poll cattle descended from the Dutch Belted cattle of Holland and were brought to the US in 1621. The red coat comes from a genetic mutation that creates a red pigment called beta carotene. There are many red polled cattle breeds, but only three are certified for registry by the American National Red Poll Association — Island White, White Faced Red, and Golden Guernsey (see below).

Red Poll cattle have low birth weight and a slow growth rate. They are known for their ability to produce good quality meat, with high-fat content. Red Polls aren’t as “hot” as some other popular red polled cattle breeds, but they are still sought after for the detail-bred available animals.

Red Poll cattle are used for crossbreeding in Australia and for show cattle in many countries. In the USA, Red Poll cattle may be registered as an American breed by the American National Red Poll Association.


How to identify red poll cattle

Red Poll cattle are medium-sized animals, with either a black or red coat. Most Red Polls in North America are black. Red Poll cattle have one or two white patches on their faces and legs that run the entire length of the animal.

Red Poll Cattle Breed
Red Poll Cattle Breed

The cattle also have a single horn on their forehead, a pair of horns on the right side of their head, and another pair of horns on the left side. Breeders who select horn color often eliminate the left horn.

Behavioral characteristics

Red Poll cattle are generally gentle and docile animals; however, they may be aggressive when competing for mates, resources, or territory. Red Poll bulls tend to “pepper” females (cowboys on the range often do this by rubbing their horns against a female’s neck).

Red Poll cattle are good foragers who are also quite hardy. They can thrive in a wide variety of climates and conditions.


Red Poll cattle were developed in small herds for personal use through the years. They are often used as show animals or bred to have their offspring sold at auctions. Red Poll cattle are used for crossbreeding in Australia, New Zealand, and many parts of Europe.

Their most popular use is to hybridize with Black Angus cows to create Red Angus, which has become one of the most popular red polled cattle breeds used in today’s market.

As pet

Red Poll cattle are gentle and docile animals with good personalities, however, they can be aggressive when competing for mates, resources, or territory.

pet Red Poll Cattle
pet Red Poll Cattle

Red Bulls are popular in zoos because of their docile nature, but caution needs to be exercised with boisterous bulls. Red Poll cattle can also be found as companion animals in zoos and animal sanctuaries. They are generally peaceful and docile and make excellent family pets.

Health issue

Red Poll cattle are generally healthy, with few issues of concern. However, the breed does have a higher susceptibility to mastitis than red or white breeds. Red Poll cattle are low-maintenance animals. They do not require that many extras from the owner, but may experience some health issues if they are not cared for properly.

Red Polls can be difficult to handle for new owners and need to be watched for signs of illness when young. Red Polls do show a high rate of infertility, which is highly related to age. However, review the full breed profile of the redpoll cattle in the following table.

Best 10  information

Breed NameRed Poll.
OriginThe USA, Isle of Man.
Breed Class, sizeMedium.
ColorBlack or red, horned.
DietA good quality grass and hay mixture, supplemented vitamin, mineral, and protein.
TemperamentDocile and gentle, but can be aggressive.
Climate ToleranceWarm and arid or cool and wet.
Age at first calving2-3 years.
RarityNot rare.
Life span (average)12-15 years.


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