Rove Goat Characteristics & Best: 10+Information

Rove goat is a breed of goat that is bred as a market goat due to its ability to produce more meat and better carcass quality than other breeds of goats. Rove goats are typically black but can come in any color. This goat is domesticated in France, but it is not known if rove goats are tamed in Syria.

The rove goat is used as a meat goat in France, as it can produce more and better quality meat than other breeds of goats. Rove goats have been cross-bred with the Nubian goat, a breed that belongs to the Caprine family along with the European sheep and goat. In this cross-breeding, the Nubian is featured with black skin; however, other color groups of rovings are available within the breed.

The Rovers is a breed of goat developed for the commercial meat trade by crossing different types of dairy goats with Kiko and Tennessee Fainting Goats. The roving lifestyle makes this breed very valuable for the commercial meat industry because it produces more muscle per pound than other breeds and has better carcass quality than most as well.


How to identify Rove goat?

A Rove goat is a black goat. It is identified by its rate of growth, high milk yield, and high live weight. The rove goat looks like a miniature Nubian goat. The average lifespan of the Rove goat is 15 years.

Behavioral characteristics

Rove goats are energetic, active, and alert. They are friendly and curious about their surroundings which makes them easy to train. They can be kept in various housing combinations such as semi-intensive systems or intensive pasture-based systems.

Rove Goat original breed
Rove Goat original breed

It was originally developed in Sudan, then crossed with the Oryx to get a bigger and taller frame. It became commercially valuable by crossing with other breeds to create higher yields and heavier carcasses for meat production.

Uses of the breed

The breed is used to produce milk, meat, and wool. It is used in the commercial meat business because it has a good ability to gain weight and produce high-quality carcasses in a short period. The breed is also used for mulesing and for food, drug, and cosmetic products. The hair of a rove goat is found to have high nutritional value if kept as a braid or rope.

The hairs are soft and can be used for the manufacture of rope or carpets. The hair of the goats can also be made into objects usually used to decorate homes and gardens such as carpets, bedspreads, rugs, mats, decorative items, etc.

As pet

The meat and milk of the Rove goat are popular among the people. The meat of rove goat is generally preferred to that of other breeds of goats. The milk can be made into cheese, butter, and different types of drinks. Some tribes in Nigeria also use it as a cure for sick children as well as for soothing their elders when they have a fever.

The hairs can be used for making mats and carpets, bracelets, etc. In Sudan, the Sudanese goat or Sudan goat is the most popular. It is a multi-colored animal with yellow, black, or brown hair and white socks. The animal has an average height of 0.8m to 1.2m and weighs around 40kg on average. The animals are highly adaptable and can be kept in arid areas as well as in humid regions.

Special Considerations

Due to their multi-colored body, there is a high risk of crossbreeding with other animals so they should be protected. They are most often kept in herds and are not friendly with unknown people. The Nubian goat was brought to the United States by African slaves and is known as the “African Goat”. However, review the full breed profile of the Rove goat in the following table

Best 10+ information

Breed Name Nubian.
Other Name Nubian.
Origin France.
Breed TypeMeat goat.
Breed Size Large.
Breed Color Black or smokey black.
Diet Herbivore.
Climate Tolerance Any.
Temperament Agile, Alert.
Rarity Fairly common.
Lifespan 15 years.

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