Sarda Sheep: Best 10+ Information

Sarda sheep are small sheep that are about the size of myna birds. The Sarda sheep is a breed of domestic sheep from Italy. The breed was originally imported from Sardinia. Most Sarda sheep are black or black and white, but there are also white, beige, or shaded black or brown Sarda sheep.

They have wool made of four types of hair: the tip, setae (tuft), woolly layer, and feather layer. they are found in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and turkey. Sarda sheep are very good for meat and milk as well. India is the main producer of Sarda sheep in Pakistan and turkey.

Sarda Sheep With Kids
Sarda Sheep With Kids

The meat is more popular in Pakistan and turkey than in India. Sarda sheep are very good for milk production. Sarda sheep are a good source of proline, which has many uses such as manufacturing plastics, medicines, and many other everyday things.


How to identify Sarda sheep?

The bray hair of the Sarda sheep is very soft, it cannot be felt with human hands. The tip and seta are very short and the wool is thick. The tips of the wool are not straight like other sheep’s wool. The ears of the Sarda sheep are small, can fold roundly, front and further back, no ear lobes are swollen and the tip stalks have short ears.

The color of the Sarda sheep varies. The average weight of a Sarda sheep is about 20 pounds (9 kg). The average length of a Sarda sheep is around 21-23 inches. Most male Sarda sheep are an average weight of 25 pounds (11 kg) and females are an average weight of 22 pounds (10 kg). Sarda sheep are an average length of 27 inches (70 cm).

Behavioral characteristics

These sheets are very hardworking and brave. These sheep are hard to find because they are not very active. These Sheep are very shy and do not like being disturbed by anyone. The Sarda sheep cannot stand alone for a long time because they cannot move around freely.

Sarda sheep can be dangerous if provoked, but if it is not provoked it will be gentle to you and your family. They live in areas like mountains and feed mainly on grasses.

They are kept in many countries for their meat and milk, their wool is also used for clothes. Sarda Sheep can be fed with grass, cereals, and other solid foods, as well as green plants. The Sarda sheep is a very loyal friend. It is hard to escape from the Sarda sheep even if you do not want to be chased away.

Special Considerations:

Sarda Sheep need special care for their health. They cannot live without food and water. They must be kept clean, they cannot get dirty in any way. They must be fed with the right food and water or they will die. Sarda sheep are very fast runners but cannot move around freely. They are very frightened of being alone for a long time because if it is left by themselves for a long time they will die of loneliness.

Sarda Sheep For Wool
Sarda Sheep For Wool

Best information:

However, review the full breed profile of the Sarda Sheep in the following table.

Breed NameSarda Sheep
Other NameNone
Country OriginItaly
Breed PurposeMeat, milk, and wool
ColorBlack and white, white, beige, or black with tan or brown spots.
Breed Class, sizeMedium (Broader than long)
Climate ToleranceCool or cold climate
TemperamentAlert and friendly herder. Hardy in hot weather, needs shade and water in the
weight Average25 pounds (11 kg)
As Petsyes
Lifespan14-20 years

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