Saxon Fairy Swallow Pigeon: Best 10+ Information

The Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon. It originates from Saxony, in Germany. The Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeon is one of the oldest breeds of pigeons, being first mentioned around 1854 by Professor Johann Matthaus Kniep.

This breed is known for its fast flight and unusual shape. It features a long body and a very short beak, with round shapes at the back corners of the eyes that give it an oriental appearance.

The head has a flat profile with large nostrils framing the mouth that is well opened to allow breathing while flying rapidly. A Saxon Fairy Swallow is similar to the Runt, but with a larger neck and larger wing. The Saxon Fairy Swallow is also similar to the Japanese Pigeon, but less angular and much longer.

Its plumage has black feathers on the body and head, with metallic green and bronze feathers on the neck. Its tail is ash-grey or plain grey, with a black end. Sometimes, some Saxon Fairy Swallows may have white wings or pinkish-grey legs and beaks as well as pink eyes.


How to identify Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons?

The Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeon has very long wings with a long pointed tail. A Saxon Fairy Swallow has a long body that increases in shape from its head to its tail and is of medium size, with large and round breasts.

pet Saxon Fairy Swallow Pigeon
pet Saxon Fairy Swallow Pigeon

Its neck is short and slender. Its beak is straight, short, very thin, and smooth. Its eyes are small and slim in a narrow head that has a flat, pointed forehead with the orbits set high and deep-set. Its nostrils are large and well-opened. Its wings have a small ruff of feathers at the wrist, between the wings.

The wrist is without any fine down, but with a soft quill, which is rather curved and runs inwards. The Saxon Fairy Swallow has a small tail that is long and very wide behind. Its feet are small and round with ears that are low set but distinct, which enables it to fly most efficiently and to detect predators as well as danger when migrating.

Behavioral characteristics

Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons are strong fliers with long wings, large and pointed tails, and a small beak. Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons do not usually roost together. However, they can form pairs. Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons while flying vibrate their wings strongly to make their flapping sound appealing and this sound is heard by predators such as hawks and owls while they fly.

The Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeon is also a good jumper, as its body is thin and very light. It makes its nest on cliffs. Its eggs are typically white. Saxon Fairy Swallows are bred in many colors, but the main colors seen are green with a gray tail and green with a black tail. Some Saxon Fairy Swallows also have a metallic appearance.


Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons are used in flying competitions. It is also a good breed to race and its speed and efficiency when flying make it a popular breed among hobbyists. Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons are used in releasing birds during firefighting. Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons also serve as a mascot in sports events and are used by private parties as well.

Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons are often involved in animal smuggling and are one of the most popular breeds to be smuggled because they fly very quickly. The highest number of Saxon Fairy Swallows in the world can be found in Germany, where there is the largest number of breeding sites for pigeons.

Best information

Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons only have one offspring per year. They are also not very sociable, as they can only be found in pairs and are rather shy, but some are more aggressive than others. The Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeons are generally raised on farms where it feeds on grains and seeds. However, review the full breed profile of the Saxon Fairy Swallow pigeon in the following table.

Breed NameSaxon Fairy Swallow pigeon
Breed GroupFancy
Breed PurposeOrnamental, Racing
Sexual maturity5-6 months
TemperamentShy, Quiet, Friendly, Aggressive, Active
Flying AbilityGood Flyer, Long Distance
Breed ColorsBlack, Blue, Brown, Gray & White
Climate ToleranceModerate Climate
Country/Place of OriginGermany
As PetsVery Good

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