Scandaroon Pigeon: Best 10+ Information

A Scandaroon pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon that is bred by crossing a common rock dove (a.k.a. street pigeon) with a wild-type fancy pigeon. While uncommonly seen in the United Kingdom, it is thought that Scandaroon pigeons were bred by the Victorians to breed a domesticated bird with a wild-type frame and temperament.

Scandaroon Pigeon
Scandaroon Pigeon

The breed has been recognized by various countries worldwide, primarily Great Britain and Australia. The Scandaroon pigeon has a crested head that distinguishes it from other fancy pigeon breeds (it’s easily recognizable) but still retains its wild nature.


How to identify Scandaroon pigeons?

Scandaroon pigeon is a pigeon with a short, bushy crest but it does have some nice characteristics as well. The pigeon’s body is heavier than that of most other fancy pigeons and will look more robust and less like a dove. Their eyes are usually large, piercing and expressionless black. They are also known for having long eyelashes. The Scandaroon pigeon does not have the standard white tail feathers that most fancy pigeons have.

Behavioral characteristics

The Scandaroon’s temperament is usually quite calm, friendly, and sociable. This makes it an ideal pet for people who do not wish to handle a large number of domestic pigeons. Scandaroon pigeons are calm, quiet, and gentle but still retain the wild nature that is found in most fancy pigeons. These make very good pets because they do not pose a threat to humans and are also good show pigeons.

Pet Scandaroon Pigeon

This species of bird is best kept in pairs or groups. However, they can be kept by themselves if they are provided with enough material to occupy themselves with. The Scandaroon pigeon has a strong beak which makes it difficult to train but with a little effort, the bird will become tame and obedient.


This is a wonderful bird for children to see and handle because it is calm and friendly. The Scandaroon pigeon also makes an excellent pet for bird enthusiasts because of its hard, strong beak and its gentle nature. These are wonderful, peaceful pets for anyone who wants a quiet pet without screaming or frantic noises at all hours. Scandaroon pigeons are one of the best birds for children to see and handle because they are calm, friendly birds that pose no threat to humans at all.

Special Considerations

The Scandaroon pigeon is usually a friendly bird but can be aggressive to other species of pigeons. Therefore, if it is not possible to get a female pigeon as a mate for your male pigeon, it is best to separate the male and female birds as soon as possible. Because this species of bird has a strong beak and is quite heavy with large wings, they are more likely to suffer from foot problems and eye problems. However, review the full breed profile of the Scandaroon pigeon in the following table.

Best 10+ information:

Breed NameScandaroon pigeon.
Country of OriginEngland and Wales.
ClassAmerican type of pigeons.
Breed PurposeAviary/pet bird.
DietSeeds and grains (preferably canary seeds and white millet seed).
Flying AbilityGood flying ability; can fly up to 25 km/h (16 mph).
Climate ToleranceGood tolerance to cold weather; temperatures as low as -20 °C (-4 °F);
Pigeon SizeMiddle-sized pigeon.
ColorsMetallic green and somewhat bluish purple; metallic green, blue and purple.
TemperamentVery calm, friendly, and sociable.
As PetsExcellent pet.
LifespanAbout 15 years in captivity.

In summary

The Scandaroon pigeon is a docile bird that makes an excellent pet for children to see and handle. It is a rare breed of pigeon that makes a wonderful pet and is also a nice show bird. This breed is thought to have originated in the United Kingdom in the early 18th century. The Scandaroon pigeon has a short, bushy crest and can be easily identified.

However, this pigeon has some interesting characteristics and does not behave like most domestic pigeons that are kept as pets.

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