Senepol Cattle Characteristics & Best 10+ Information

Senepol cattle was developed on the Caribbean Island of St. Croix. This breed is a European breed crossed with Caribbean cattle hair from the wild native coat. The name Senepol comes from the French word for shea butter which is used in its production.

A unique part of Senepol is its double coats: The first consists of short and soft hairs to protect it from heat and dirt, while a second fiber coat protects the skin. This new breed became the first commercial breed in 1946 when it was allowed into Puerto Rico. The Senepol cattle were used by the Army in the 1970s to help push them out of Vietnam.


How to identify Senepol cattle?

Senepol cattle look like pure breeds and can be identified by their neck, legs, and lower part of the body. The chest is white or yellowish, and the head is small with a pointed black horn. The tail is short, and thin, and does not have a tuft of hair at the end.

Senepol Cattle original breed
Senepol Cattle original breed

Senepol cattle are very docile animals that can be easily handled. They are known for their excellent milk production and have a good relationship with humans. They can live for long periods if their milk and demand for them are controlled.

Behavioral characteristics

This type of Senepol cattle is known for its docile behavior. When you walk into the stables without any reason, they tend to come closer and smell your feet and hands. They like being fed and are easily satisfied. In addition to the appearance of the Senepol cattle, some physical characteristics distinguish them.

Their head is small and their lower body is thin, with wide nostrils and big eyes. The upper part of the body has a yellowish-white color, while the lower part is black or brown. The female Senepol cows have horns with a circular shape while males have sharp pointed horns.


Senepol cattle is a very good milk producer. Their milk is used for cheese-making and to make ice cream. They are also used for their meat production, which can provide enough protein for the entire family. Senepol Cattle are also used as draft animals.

Their high muscling as well as their docile nature makes them a good cavalry animals. Every year, about 20 Minutes of 7 Seconds games were created for the video game developer company, Smart Bomb. In the video game, you play as a Senepol cow that is trying to stay alive from predators on a farm island called Horizon Island.

Health issue

The Senepol cattle are generally healthy and resistant to diseases. However, their susceptibility to some diseases depends on their upbringing and how they are maintained. In 1986, an outbreak of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis occurred in Puerto Rico. Senepol cattle were affected and losses were high. Therefore, it is important to vaccinate animals against such diseases to prevent them from being infected later on.

As pet

Senepol cattle are generally not used for meat production. However, they can be good pets because of their docile and friendly attitude. You should be very careful in handling these animals because they can give you a lot of physical stress if they are not treated in the right way. Senepol cattle are generally used for their meat.

They are also used in the dairy industry and as farm animals that provide enough protein to both humans and animals. Their resistance to diseases makes them very important as they help control diseases in humans as well. They are also very useful in areas where there is a lot of rain because their double coats protect them from getting wet.

Special Considerations

Senepol cattle are generally not recommended for people who are allergic to the animal because of its double coats and hair. Their hair is also very chewy. Because of their double coats, Senepol cattle might not be suitable for living in small apartments.

Senepol cattle are not suitable as pets because they can give you a lot of physical stress if they are not treated properly. However, review the full breed profile of the Senepol cattle in the following table.

Best 10+ information

Breed NameSenepol Cattle.
Another NameShearwater.
OriginSt. Croix, US Virgin Islands.
Breed PurposeMeat and dairy cow breeds.
Breed Class, sizeMid-size.
Weight650 – 800 lbs (300 – 350 kg).
ColorBlack, brown, or gray with white background spots on top of their head, neck, and legs, white chest, and freckles on the leg area.
Climate ToleranceCold climate.
TemperamentFriendly, calm, and easy to manage and handle.
RarityRare, outcross.
Lifespan15-20 years.

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