Shakhsharli Pigeon Characteristics & Best 10 Information

Shakhsharli pigeon is a flying breed that is not seen in its natural habitat since a long time ago. This breed is a domestic pigeon from Iran. Shakhsharli pigeon originates from Shakhshari, a province of Azerbaijan. It has been known as the second most favorite ornamental bird in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan due to the quality of pictures taken with them.

Shakhsharli pigeons can fly at a high altitude of more than five thousand meters. The average wing speed of the Shakhsharli pigeon is 250 kilometers per hour, but it can exceed 300 kilometers per hour with a maximum speed of 330 kilometers per hour during the flight. They are also able to stay in the air for twenty-four hours continuously.


How to identify Shakhsharli pigeon?

Shakhsharli pigeon is the most famous and popular domestic pigeon from Azerbaijan and nearby countries. Shakhsharli pigeon has a high pea comb, three-color feet, and red-eye with a white ring. This pigeon is a domestic bird that belongs to the species of the Columbidae family. This type of bird has yellowish or greenish color on both sides of its neck and all around its breast, but it has an emerald blue shade in its belly.

Shakhsharli Pigeon LOVELY PAIR
Shakhsharli Pigeon LOVELY PAIR

Behavioral characteristics:

The flying behavior of the Shakhsharli pigeon is based on the three simple rules of flying. A bird contracts its wings and rises hold them in the air and moves them forward, and then the bird’s wings are expanded to their original state and sent forward again. This process continues until the airspeed reaches a certain level. They do not require much attention while they are in flight, but they need more attention when they are resting.

For example, when They are resting, their heads must be in a downward direction. In this situation, their feet must be raised and they must have a sufficient distance between them until they have enough room to fly back to the air and lift with their wings. Shakhsharli pigeons require high-quality food as well as vitamins and minerals to live a healthy life. This pigeons need high-quality hay that contains all the nutrients required by them.


Shakhsharli pigeons are the most excellent breed of pigeons in terms of quality. These pigeons can fly at a maximum speed of 330 kilometers per hour. Thanks to their outstanding ability, They can be used for different purposes.

This pigeon’s flying ability can be used in many ways such as different sports such as bird fighting, parachuting, and even as a kind of transportation tool by sending them to different cities with letters or packages written on their wings and feet.

As pet:

Shakhsharli pigeon can be a pet as it has a natural beauty and it is not noisy. They usually fly back to their home in the evening. This pigeons have beautiful feathers that are suitable for making different ornaments and jewelry, but their main purpose is to attract people’s attention to their flying ability. Shakhsharli pigeons can hold the food in their mouth for a long time because of their high-quality diet.

Health issue:

Some people reported that the Shakhsharli pigeon’s skin gets irritated when they are in contact with an electric wire. This problem is caused by the pigeon’s inability to understand the fact that this happens and not a particular person’s intention to hurt it. Shakhsharli pigeons don’t fly very well at night, especially if they are tired. They need a rest from the day and can sleep for hours at night without any problem.

Special Considerations:

Shakhsharli pigeons are not a professional breed, so they need a lot of attention. Shakhsharl pigeons’ feet are different from others in both color and form. They have three toes that hold their food properly because they have control over the pressure they apply to their food. These pigeons are also called foot pigeons because of their three legs. However, review full breed profile of the Shakhsharli pigeon in the following table.

Best 10+ information:

Breed NameShakhsharli pigeon.
Other NameBack pigeon.
Country of originIran, Central Asia.
Breed Class, sizeSmall to medium.
ColorChocolaty red with darker markings.
DietNon-GMO, grass with the addition of seeds, oil, and protein sources.
Flying AbilityVery good.
As PetsNot a pet.
Climate ToleranceTolerant of Heat.
TemperamentFriendly, Humorous.
RarityRare, not seen in its natural habitat.
Average lifespan10-12 years.

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