Shaksharli Pigeon, Best 10+ Information

Shaksharli pigeon is a pigeon that lives in Shakharli, a city in Georgia. It is known for painting pictures of things onto the walls of its hometown. You can find Shaksharli pigeon at. Its Life Cycles and Its Social Organization.

Animals that often go on migratory flights are known as seabirds and sometimes they travel in flocks. One such bird is the homing pigeon, a bird that can know its destination on a vast scale. One can easily spot homing pigeons wherever they go, gathering and flying in small flocks.


How to identify Shaksharli pigeons?

Shaksharli pigeon is usually a small bird that measures between 12 and 16 inches in length. It is brownish-grey in color and its head, neck, beak, and wings are also colored the same way.

Real Shaksharli Pigeon
Real Shaksharli Pigeon

Its eyes are large and round which gives it a serious look. The Homing Pigeon Is a Group Flyer These pigeons can group and make long flights at mid-day as well as in the evening time. They also follow their leaders while they fly in a flock, which is why they are often seen as one of the most important game birds in the world.

Behavioral characteristics:

Shaksharli pigeon is a bird that is highly social and it enjoys gathering in large flocks. It makes long flights in its lifetime, from 2 to 3 thousand kilometers at a stretch. It also enjoys making friendships and frequently comes to visit the same place again after having made the flight. They are rarely known for attacking humans or other animals, even if they feel threatened by them.

This pigeon is a species of pigeon that has been known to play an important role in our everyday lives. They are also used for racing purposes and as pets at times. These pigeons are also very popular because of their distinct and beautiful appearance. They are also one of the most active types of pigeons in the world.


Shaksharli pigeons have been used as pets in several places. Moreover, they have also been used as a source of food and for racing purposes in the past as well. They are quite beautiful birds to look at and are known to be very gentle.

pet Shaksharli Pigeon
pet Shaksharli Pigeon

The shaksharli pigeon is currently used as a symbol of peace by the government. These birds are very fond of human companionship and they make friends quite easily with everyone that they meet. Shaksharli pigeons thrive on being a part of a human family and will often turn to them for help when there is a need for it.

As pet the Shaksharli pigeon

Shaksharli pigeons can be easily trained to be pets. Having one at home can give you a lot of company, especially if you are traveling often and are left alone at home. This pigeon is usually very gentle with children and makes a really good pet.

Apart from being gentle to humans, this pigeon is also kind towards its friends and family members. Shaksharli pigeons make excellent pets for humans because they are quite friendly and enjoy spending time with their human companions.

Special Considerations

Shaksharli pigeons are very gentle and can live on almost any type of food that humans eat. These birds are mainly found in the city, so if you want to keep one at home, you need to make sure that your home is safe enough for it. After all, homing pigeons don’t usually attack people as other wild animals do. However, review the full breed profile of the Shaksharli pigeon in the following table.

Best 10+ information

Breed NameShaksharli pigeon.
Alternative NamesEurasian Rock Dove.
Scientific NameColumba livia
Country/Place of OriginGeorgia.
Breed PurposeOrnamental.
Breed Class, sizeMedium-Large.
Color(s)Grey, Brown, White, and Black (rarely).
Primary DietOmnivore; Includes small insects, crustaceans, seeds, fruits, and cereal grains.
Flying AbilityExcellent.
TemperamentFriendly, Social, Intelligent, and Musical.
Climate ToleranceTolerable to extremely dry and warm.
As PetsA very common pet.
Lifespan25-30 years.

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