Silkies Bird, Characteristics, Uses & Best 2 Advice

Silkies bird is a breed of chicken. It is named for its atypically fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk and satin. The silkie comes in more than a dozen different colors, including black, brown, and most of the common varieties of poultry. It is known for its adorable physical appearance and often docile personality.

Silkies Bird pair
Silkies Bird pair

Silkies birds are generally calm creatures that do not possess the flightiness that other breeds display. It has a reputation for being one of the best pets for those who live in apartments or small homes, as it is not likely to fly away or make an excessive amount of noise.

There are three basic varieties of silkies: the more traditional bantam size, the standard weight (which is a bit larger), and the jumbo weight. Silkies birds are thought to be a cross between several different breeds of chickens, most notably Sebrights.


How to identify silkies bird?

Silkies birds are recognized by their unique silk-like plumage (hence the name), as well as their pea combs and clean legs. The bantam variety of silkies birds have a small stature, usually weighing around 2 pounds and standing 7 to 8 inches tall.

They tend to be flightless birds, which is another common trait among them. Interestingly, silkie chickens can be born with or without feathers, and they may lose a small amount of them throughout their lives.


Silkies birds are known for their docile nature and protective tendencies. They do not require any special care, as they are especially great for apartment spaces and small homes.

Silkies Bird chicken
Silkies Bird chicken

They are very good house pets, as they are not likely to fly away or make an excessive amount of noise. Silkies birds enjoy foraging for seeds, nuts, and grasses that grow on the ground. They can also be trained to eat a variety of seeds and grains.


Silkies birds are very popular pets because of their docile nature and their soft feathers (which makes them very easy to clean). Silkies have also been known to fight less than other breeds, making them great for petting. They can make good additions to any household or family as they are very easygoing and friendly.

Silkies birds are a great choice for new beginners and first-time keepers; they are generally quiet birds that won’t pick fights with other creatures in the home. The black meat of a Silkie is generally considered an unusual attribute in European and American cuisines. In contrast, several Asian cuisines consider Silkie meat a gourmet food.

Chinese cuisine especially values the breed, but it is also a common ingredient in some Japanese, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Korean dishes. Areas where Chinese cuisine has a strong influence, such as Malaysia, may also cook Silkie.


silkies birds are wonderful birds to breed if you are looking for a soft, lovable pet that will not cause trouble. They lay about four eggs a week and will generally hatch any eggs that you give them. Silkies are a very popular breed of chicken, as they are known for having beautiful feathers and being extremely easy to look after.


Silkies birds love to eat nuts/seeds and seeds.

Best 2 Advice

  • It is not necessary to give silkies bird-specific baths. Generally, they will only require cleaning when they get very dirty or are going through a molting period.
  • You should make sure you clean your birds’ cage once or twice a week, though, to maintain adequate health and hygiene.


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