Silver Carp Fish, Farming Method, Uses & Best 10 Notes

Silver carp fish is a species of freshwater cyprinid fish. A threatened species in its natural habitat, it has long been cultivated in China. Silver carp are usually farmed in polyculture with other Asian carp, or sometimes with Katla or other fish species. It is very easy to start silver carp farming commercially.

Silver Carp Fish IMAGE
Silver Carp Fish IMAGE

Even if you don’t have previous experience, you can start commercial production of this fish. The survival rate of these fish is very high and very low-quality food can be fed. And they grow faster than other carp species. The production cost for silver carp is low. Their eggs mature faster and their survival rate can reach 80 to 95%.


How to identify silver carp fish?

The body is covered with small silvery scales. The body is strong, long, and flat, the front of the head is short and the lower jaw is slightly elongated. The eyes are small. The back of the head is grooved from the neck to the genitalia.

Silver carp fish farming method

pond selection

After selecting a good place to build a pond. Soil or naturally formed ponds are considered good for starting silver carp fish farming. Concrete, plastic, or other types of artificial ponds are not good for fish production.

Fish pond
Fish pond

Thus, it is better to build a pond made of soil and if the size of the pond is at least one acre it is good for commercial silver carp farming. If you currently have a pond, you can cultivate fish in it. It is better to have two ponds – one is a nursery pond and the other is the main pond.

Pond preparation

You need to prepare the pond before filling the pond with water and before releasing the fry in the pond. You need to apply organic and inorganic fertilizers to the pond and disinfect the pond by applying lime.

Pony rearing and care

Fish ponies need special care because they are small and delicate. They are weak in terms of eating capacity and cannot adapt well to changes in the environment. Thus, well-controlled intensive measures are needed for healthy survival and healthy fish.

Silver carp should be reared in the nursery pond for 20 to 30 days. When they reach a length of about 8 to 12 cm, they need to be transferred to the main pond.


Silver carp usually eat golden brown algae, green algae, yellow-green algae, and blue-green algae. There is no need to give alternative food. But if you want the fish to grow fast then you have to give alternative food. There are various fish feeds in the market that you can use.

Silver carp fish grow very fast. You can expect good growth within a year. You will collect the fish once it reaches your desired size. Fishing can be done from the pond using nets. You can cultivate fish depending on the market demand and price.


Silver carp is a species of fish that has been commonly cultivated in China for a long time. It is an herbivorous fish that feeds on green algae, yellow-green algae, and blue-green algae. The availability of nutrients in waters can make them survive well. They are tolerant of a variety of environments and reproduce fast.


silver carp has high nutritional value and is considered a delicacy in its native range. the meat from this fish is white, low in fat, and mild in flavor. it can be used for many different cooking recipes such as sushi, kabobs, fish balls, fritters, fish soup, and many more.

The silver carp is also very suitable for aquaculture – because of its rapid growth rate and ability to eat virtually any food type.

best 10 Notes

NameSilver carp fish.
Other NameCarp fish, white silver carp.
Eating habitsHerbivorous.
Climate ToleranceSubtropical climate or tropical climate.


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