Skycutter Pigeon: Best 10+ Information

Skycutter pigeon is a breed, native to the northeast Indian subcontinent, of pigeon bred for release. they are usually white and are large than other breeds. They were used by people in ancient times as messages from gods so Skycutter pigeons have been known as sacred animals and family members of god.

In today’s world Skycutter pigeons are becoming popular pets, or just being bred for show purposes. The Skycutter pigeon is best known for its beautiful white feathers, but they also have blue, red, pink, and black eyes. This pigeon breed from Ukraine is also known as the Cossack pigeon. They are one of the most popular breeds of pigeons in the world.


How to identify Skycutter pigeon?

An adult female will typically weigh between 300 and 320 grams. They can have eye colors ranging from nearly black to bright violet. The males will typically weigh between 380 and 440 grams. The feathers are white, with a bright red breast. The Skycutter pigeon may have different color eyes ranging from red, pink, or brown. Their average lifespan is 10 years. The breed originated in India but is also bred in Russia, Ukraine, and China.

Behavioral characteristics

This pigeon is a very aggressive bird and will attack anyone who it sees as a threat. They are highly territorial, so if you are thinking of keeping one as a pet, it is best to keep them in a separate room from your domestic pets. Skycutter pigeons require a lot of exercise and interaction with their owners. They also need fresh water, cuttlebones, grit, and as well as food. They will also require clothes to protect them during the wintertime.

Skycutter Pigeon Flying
Skycutter Pigeon Flying

They will most likely lay their eggs on the ground in a grassy area. The female will lay up to 8 eggs and care for them as her own. Uses: The Skycutter pigeon is used for racing, shows, or just being a pet. The Skycutter pigeon is also a sporting bird in India and has won many awards and prizes. The Skycutter pigeon is a good ornamental bird because of its beautiful white feathers.

They are also used as delivery pigeons. They have been used as messengers in the past. They are also used by hunters to mark their territory so others can avoid it when hunting. The Skycutter pigeon is an unusual breed of pigeon and has a very interesting history that makes them so unusual.

Magical powers

The Skycutter pigeon was considered to be sacred by the ancient people of India. They believed that the Skycutter pigeons could carry messages from the gods to the people during times of need. The Hindu goddess Kali had a necklace made from the Skycutter pigeon’s feathers.

Diseases: Since the sky cutter pigeon is an animal that is not kept inside it has no contact with other animals, therefore they can be free of diseases. However, when this breed of pigeon was being bred in captivity there was a high instance of egg yolk peritonitis. This causes the incubation period to slow or halt altogether.

The reason for this disease could have been the change in diet and the stress of being captive. The treatment for this disease is antibiotics during the incubation period and an additional antibiotic vaccine after hatching.

Special Considerations

The Skycutter pigeon is a very aggressive bird and will not get along with other pets. They are also very noisy, so if you are looking for something to keep as a pet, this may not be something that you want. They require a lot of exercise and also need fresh water and food. If you want to keep it as a pet, it will require a room in your home.

Best 10+ information

Breed NameSkycutter pigeon
Other NamePolish Orlik, Orlik Polski or Orlik Lubelski & Orlik Wilenski
Country of OriginUkraine, China, Russia
Breed PurposePet
Weight300-320 grams
Flying AbilityGood
ColorWhite, Black-eyed, Blue-eyed.
DietPigeon seeds, grass seeds, crickets, worms, and other small insects.
TemperamentMild unless threatened, then extremely aggressive
Climate ToleranceHot dry climate, mild temperate
As PetsNot recommended
Lifespan10 years

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