Snakehead Murrel Fish Farming, Best 6 Benefits

Snakehead Murrel fish farming is the process of raising snakehead Murrel fish in ponds and channels. Some fish can be very difficult to farm. First, let’s discuss snakehead Murrel fish farming. Snakehead Murrel fish farming is the process of raising snakehead Murrel fish in ponds and channels.

Industrial farms are not recommended for fish species due to pollution problems and unpleasant smells caused by the waste, which negatively affects the environment. Therefore, if you want to raise snakehead Murrel fish in ponds or channels, water cleaning and water treatment must be done regularly.


What is snakehead Murrel fish?

Snakehead Murrel fish are also commonly known as snakehead. Snakehead fish is a species of freshwater fish, most often known as a “nasty”. In the past, people thought the snakehead to be poisonous or poisonous, therefore did not eat it.

Snakehead Murrel Fish
Snakehead Murrel Fish

Snakeheads are not poisonous but they are difficult to digest due to the toxic digestive juices that they store in their gall bladder and liver. Studies now show that snakeheads do not have any poison after all and can eat any food without fear of poisoning.

Best 6 benefits of snakehead Murrel fish farming

Snakehead Murrel fish farming has many benefits. First,

  • Snakehead Murrel fish are a good source of protein, vitamin B12, and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Fatty acid oil content in snakeheads is much higher than that of soybeans and sardines.
  • The oil content of the snakehead white meat (gut) is 15 times higher than that of the soybean oil and its fat content is 0.7 percent, which is very high compared to the 1% maximum allowed by law for imported fish oils.
  • High income but low cost to farming
  • Low labor cost and less risk of doing farming.
  • Snakehead Murrel fish farming is very easy to handle.

How to raise snakehead Murrel fish?

First, you should prepare the hatchery for breeding. To grow snakehead Murrel fish in ponds or channels, you must first build a fence around the water area to keep out predators such as raccoons, turtles, snakes, and cats from eating the eggs and larvae.

Snakehead Murrel Fish Hatching
Snakehead Murrel Fish Hatching

You must remove the father fish after laying their egg because father fish eat their eggs, larvae, and small fish. In addition, cover the fish nursery with nets to protect it from birds.

Water management

It is very important to ensure the snakehead Murrel fish have sufficient oxygen in the water. Therefore, you should use a pump to suck up water at the bottom of the pond and then release it on top as bubbles or spray. This will create enough oxygen for your snakehead Murrel fish.


Snakehead Murrel fish are carnivores and they have strong appetites. Therefore, it is recommended to feed them shrimp and white worms. You can also feed the fish with feed containing fish meal, dust guts of Mutorn or beef or hen, soybean meal, oil cake, and corn.

Otherwise, they are like small fish and finito plant one but do not overfeed them. Snakeheads are susceptible to high cholesterol and can die quickly if you overfeed them.

Food management

The snakehead Murrel fish grow up quickly. Feeding once a day, morning and afternoon or evening can be enough. When the fish are big enough to be pulled out of the water and sold, they must be fed with appropriate diets including feed bought from local or online stores.

You should not feed them feed that is too expensive as this will reduce the amount of income generated each time. The most cost-effective food is fish flour (dried ground fishes) and fish eggs meal (egg).


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