Surti Goat: Best 10+ Information

Livestock farming has been an integral part of human civilization for centuries. Among the various domesticated animals, goats hold a special place due to their adaptability, versatility, and the numerous benefits they provide.

One such exceptional breed is the Surti Goat, a unique and valuable breed with distinct characteristics that make it a favorite among farmers and enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating features, advantages, and significance of the Surti Goat.


Origin and History:

  • The Surti Goat is believed to have originated in the region of Surat in Gujarat, India.
  • Its development can be traced back to selective breeding practices that aimed to create a breed suitable for the local environment and agricultural requirements.
  • Over time, the Surti Goat has gained popularity and is now recognized as one of the premier goat breeds in India.
Surti Goat
Surti Goat

Physical Characteristics:

  • The Surti Goat is medium-sized, with a compact and well-muscled body.
  • It has a distinctive appearance, with a convex facial profile and medium-sized ears.
  • The coat of the Surti Goat is short, dense, and predominantly white, although some individuals may have patches of black or brown.
  • Both males and females have spiraling horns, with the males having larger and more pronounced ones.

Adaptability and Resilience:

  • One of the key advantages of the Surti Goat is its remarkable adaptability to diverse climatic conditions.
  • This breed can thrive in both hot and humid environments, as well as in arid and semi-arid regions.
  • Surti Goats are known for their ability to graze on low-quality vegetation and withstand limited water availability, making them an ideal choice for marginal lands.

Milk Production:

  • The Surti Goat is primarily renowned for its high-quality milk production.
  • It is known for its excellent milk yield, with an average lactation period of 200-250 days.
  • The milk of Surti Goats is rich in solids, including protein and fat, making it suitable for the production of various dairy products like cheese and yogurt.

Meat Quality:

  • While milk production is a notable attribute, the Surti Goat is also valued for its meat quality.
  • The meat is tender, flavorful, and low in fat, appealing to consumers who prefer lean and healthy options.
  • Surti Goats are often reared for meat production and contribute to the local and regional meat industry.

Breeding and Reproduction:

  • Surti Goats are known for their high fertility rates and multiple births.
  • They have the ability to produce twins and triplets, which increases the productivity and profitability for farmers.
  • Due to their breeding capabilities, Surti Goats have been used to improve the genetic potential of other goat breeds through crossbreeding programs.

Best information

Breed Name Surti
Body Type Long and fine hair, broad face, erect ears.
Colors Dark Brown, Black, Grey, and white
Other Name Surati Angora, Surti Goat
Breed Purpose Milk, Meat
Breed Class, size Medium
Weight (10to34 Kg)
Climate ToleranceArid ( hot and dry)
Milk Production (1 to2 kg per day)
Mating Season Summer and Autumn
Length of gestation (150 days)
Lifespan10 years   (generally alive up to 15 years)
Average litter size 5to8 kids per birth. The normal size of the kid at birth is 2.
Country/Place of Origin India
Rarity Rare


The Surti Goat stands out as a remarkable breed, well-suited to meet the demands of modern livestock farming. Its adaptability, superior milk production, excellent meat quality, and breeding capabilities make it a valuable asset for farmers seeking a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

As we continue to appreciate and promote diverse livestock breeds, the Surti Goat deserves special recognition for its exceptional qualities and contributions to the agricultural sector.

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