Szegedin Highflyer Characteristics & Best 10+ Information

Szegedin highflyer is a breed of fancy pigeons. It is developed in Hungary in Szeged. The first Szegedin highflyer was introduced to the world by a breeder in Hungary in 2003. Szegedin highflyers have a more slender and graceful appearance than other varieties of fancy pigeons, and they make beautiful sounds when cooing or whistling, thanks to their special air sacs in the trachea. Their feathers are also glossy with an iridescent shine that changes color depending on the light source.


How to identify szegedin highflyer?

The Szegedin highflyer is identifiable by its colors, which are white and brown. The Szegedin highflyer is a small pigeon, it has a natural bobtail and a short wide beak. It has some physical characteristics similar to the English crested Leicester. The Szegedin highflyer has a head shaped like an owl, with a flat forehead and large eyes.

Szegedin Highflyer
Szegedin Highflyer

They also have a distinctive but less visible “cape” of feathers on the rear of their neck. The Szegedin highflyer is one of the more graceful-looking breeds, but not as vigorous as the other Hungarian varieties. The Szegedin highflyer a lovely color, with a light brown-white head and neck dark brown eyes, and black legs, tail, and wings. Its beak looks like an old-style harlequin pattern.

Behavioral characteristics

The Szegedin highflyer is a playful, intelligent, and curious bird. Szegedins are easy to train and when they are small, it’s quite difficult to get them out of the cage. But once they are mature, they can be trained very easily and their intelligence is quite fascinating. The Szegedin highflyer has a distinct “cape” on the back of its neck that gives added distinction to the breed.

They also have an interesting habit of shaking their heads to make the excess feathers fly off. Szegedins are very affectionate creatures and they love to be petted. They are often used in pigeon shows and won several championships. As pets, They are very social and possess a strong bond with their owners.


The Szegeden High Flyers are an excellent pet that can also be used by experienced fliers as show pigeons. Szegeden High Flyers are a very popular bird in Hungary and other surrounding countries.   Szegeden High Flyers do not have the typical bobtail, but they have a natural tail shaped like a lancet. They have a medium-sized beaks like the other varieties of pigeons from Hungary. In conclusion, Szeged is known for producing pigeons with unique traits and characteristics.

Health issue

Szegedin highflyers can be prone to the same illnesses as other domesticated pigeons.

As pet

Szegyden highflyers are very social, intelligent, and affectionate. They are nimble fliers, and they are a good choice for urban pets because of their low noise level. However, they can sometimes have problems with nesting.

In this case, it is recommended that the pigeon be housed in an aviary where it can fly freely. They are generally very quiet indoors but can start to make noises when the weather is cold outside or in the summer when they start to wander out of their cages.

Special Considerations

Szegeden highflyers are small and fragile. It is important not to let them get too cold, otherwise, they can become very ill. Szegedins’ meat products are exported worldwide, especially to Russia, Japan, China, and India. However, review the full breed profile of the Szegedin highflyer in the following table.

Best 10+ information

Breed NameSzegedin Highflyer
Country of OriginHungary
Breed PurposeBreeding, Ornamental, and pet.
Breed ColorsDark Brown, White, Black & White
DietSeeds and Grain and Insects
Flying Ability  Good flyer
As PetsGood pets for both experienced and inexperienced pigeon fans.
Climate Tolerance  All Climates
Temperament  Friendly and sociable
Lifespan11 years

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