Telescope Panda Goldfish, Best 16 Information

Telescope panda goldfish is fancy goldfish. It has a very beautiful variety of red, black, and white colors. It has a very big head with very bright eyes. It is a very calm fish so it is good for an aquarium or pond with other kinds of peaceful animals.

Panda goldfish has a beautiful appearance but they eat themself because their bodies are too heavy. In the wild, their bodies are about 2-3 times heavier than normal which makes it difficult for them to swim and breathe so they consume themselves to help make their body lighter.


How to identify telescope panda goldfish

The telescope panda goldfish is medium size goldfish and it has a very typical appearance. They have black or sometimes, red or white bodies with small white dots in the front part of the body. Its dorsal fin is long and it has long narrow eyes (close to large eyes, not round eyes).

black Telescope Panda Goldfish
black Telescope Panda Goldfish

They are usually kept in home aquariums in a group with other fish of their species but if you want to keep them alone, you can choose the telescope panda goldfish because it is a very unique looking fish.

Behavioral characteristics

Telescope panda goldfish are very friendly fish and they usually swim in the middle of the aquarium. They are perfect to keep with beautiful black moor, red cap danio, pearl scale ryukin. Their beautiful unique appearance makes them a good choice for an aquarium or pond. Telescope panda goldfish can grow up to 6-10 inches (15-25 cm).


Telescope panda goldfish is a very popular goldfish species but it doesn’t have a lot of advantages as another goldfish kind. It has a very gorgeous appearance, so it is good for a home in home aquariums with other types of peaceful fish.

Telescope Panda
Telescope Panda


Telescope panda goldfish’s diet is very important to keep them going, if they eat a lot, they will grow up big/thick. So they should be fed a small amount every day. They can eat different types of food. You can feed them goldfish flakes or freeze-dried bloodworms, daphnia, tubifex, and brine shrimp (bloodworm is the best),

You should avoid feeding them beef heart and liver because it contains a high amount of vitamin A and it will cause them problems such as pop eye and deform their body shape.


Telescope panda goldfish can be bred by using one male, or two male setups but it’s very easy to breed them. In the aquarium, there are many fewer water plants so you should use gravel substrate or slate to keep them clean. You can breed telescope panda goldfish at 10-12 weeks old.


Telescope panda goldfish is of Chinese origin and they are raised in a pond which is located in China. They have a bigger variety of colors now compared to years ago.

Aquariums size

Telescope panda goldfish should be kept in at least 60 cm of a large aquarium or pond with other compatible fish. They are really big and heavy fish so in a small aquarium, they can’t swim. If you want to keep them in a small aquarium or pond, you should buy only one panda goldfish and feed them properly.


Telescope panda goldfish’s normal water temperature should be between 68-78 F (20-25 C), but the summer temperature can go up to 84 F (29 C). However, review the full breed profile of the telescope panda goldfish in the following table.

Best 16 information

NamePanda goldfish.
Other Name Telescope panda goldfish, Panda dwarf gourami.
Scientific Name Carassius auratus auratus.
Breed PurposeOrnamental, pet.
Origin China.
Temperature68to78 F (20to25 C).
Size6to10 inch (15to25 cm).
Breed Class, size Fancy goldfish.
Minimum Tank Size60 cm.
Color Black, white, red.
Temperament Peaceful.
Climate Tolerance Warmwater.
Rarity Common.
Lifestyle Bottom.
Lifespan10to15 years.


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