Tharparkar Cow Breed Characteristics & Best 10+ Information

Tharparkar cow breed is a breed of cattle. This cattle breed is originating in Tharparkar District in Sindh province in present-day Pakistan and was also found in the neighboring nation of India. The origin of Tharparkar cattle may be traced to the Vedic period; it has more than 4000 years of history. Tharparkar cattle are also known as Tharpakri, Tha rad, Chakri, and Dhiraj.

The term “Tharparkar” came into vogue during the British era of India from one of the traditional names or tribal names of this region which is ‘Thapar’, denoting someone who uses a special type of incense stick. The Tharpakar herd is known to use a stick made of fire which fuses marijuana, sandalwood, and other herbs.


How to identify the Tharparkar cow breed?

Tharparkar is a breed of cattle that is characterized by its distinctive features. The breed has been developed through several centuries for providing milk and meat.

Tharparkar Cow
Tharparkar Cow

The cow’s horns of the Tharparkar breed are also unique and distinct but conical in shape and are large making them difficult to handle for the cattle handlers for pastures. The color of the horns may vary from black to white or bright yellow at times.

Behavioral characteristics

The most known characteristic of the Tharparkar cow breed is that it is a very gentle animal. These animals move in herds and stay close to each other. The cows in the Tharparkar breed are strong, active, and hardy. The milk composition for the Tharparkar breed is very suitable and beneficial for infants, children, and adults as well. Milk contains more fat, protein, calcium, and vitamin. Cow’s milk can also be used to make yogurt and cheese.

Tharparkar cattle have a very high level of resistance to diseases and parasites. The breed is very active and healthy while performing the activities such as moving around the farmland. The breed is also known to be capable of producing a great amount of milk which is crucial for the owners in deciding upon their price as well as the income obtained from them.


The Tharparkar cow breed is one of the most popular breeds of cattle for providing milk and meat in Pakistan and India. The cow produces various types of milk which provide high-quality milk, milk fat, and protein to the country. The breed is also used for plowing and transportation of goods to the market because of their longhorns.

Tharparkar cattle are also used for meat in India and Pakistan. More than 50% of Tharparkar cattle are killed due to a lack of resources and food. The Tharparkar cow breed is well known for its high resistance to diseases, parasites, heat, and humidity which makes it a good gift for countries like Pakistan, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc.


Tharparkar cattle are very resistant to diseases and parasites. These animals are not affected by drought and heat easily, which is why they can be found all over the country. There has been a decrease in the number of Tharparkar cattle due to factors such as a lack of facilities for them, proper food supply, and care. Different factors have also led to the death of these animals, especially because of diseases that they face when they are kept with other breeds.

As pet

Tharparkar cows are available at every home in the villages of Rajasthan, India. The villagers rear cattle as pets. Tharparkar cows are friendly and gentle. They do not kill any living being, even when they are hurt or provoked to do so. Tharparkar cows are very loyal and protective of their owners. The Tharparkar cow is a good animal to keep as a pet in your home, as it is very loyal, gentle, and affectionate.

Tharparkar cows are also used for other purposes such as the transportation of goods and plowing. Tharpakar cows are sold for many uses, such as dairy products, beef production, hide production, etc. In India, about 7 million animals were sold for slaughter in the year 2012-2013.

Special Considerations

Tharparkar cattle are very popular as pets in Rajasthan. The small size, high milk production, and low reproduction rate of the cows make them a popular choice with farmers who rear them as pets. They are friendly, active, affectionate, and hardy animals which can be good domestic pets. Tharparkar cows are very intelligent and emotional.

Tharpakar is an excellent milk animal that is used for cow dung manure, dairy products, and leaf fodder. However, review the full breed profile of the Tharparkar cow breed in the following table.

Best 10+ information

Breed NameTharparkar
Other NameDhiraj, Tha rad, Thakri and Tharparkar
Country of Origin(s)India, Pakistan
Breed PurposeMilk and Meat
Breed Class, sizeMedium
Colour(s)Red, Black, White, Brown, and Sable Coloured.
DietAlfalfa, Wheat, and Cud.
Weight300 kg to 800 kg (660-1760 lbs)
TemperamentCalm and gentle.
Climate ToleranceHigh.
Life Span(25-30) years

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