Valencia Figurita Pigeons: Best 10+ Information

When it comes to the world of pigeons, there are many diverse and fascinating breeds to explore. One such breed that captivates both breeders and enthusiasts alike is the Valencia Figurita pigeon.

With its diminutive size, elegant appearance, and unique characteristics, this breed stands out as a true gem in the avian world. In this blog post, we will delve into the captivating world of Valencia Figurita pigeons and uncover what makes them such a remarkable and sought-after breed.


Origin and History

The Valencia Figurita pigeon traces its origins back to the Valencia region of Spain. Developed over several centuries, this breed is believed to have descended from various small pigeon breeds, including the European House Pigeon and the Oriental Roller.

Renowned for their size, agility, and beauty, Valencia Figuritas gained popularity not only in their native Spain but also around the world.

Unique Size and Appearance

One of the most striking aspects of Valencia Figurita pigeons is their diminutive size. These pigeons are considered one of the smallest domestic pigeon breeds, weighing only around 150-200 grams.

Despite their small stature, they possess an elegant and well-proportioned body structure. With a slender neck, compact body, and a distinctive high-head carriage, they exude a sense of grace and poise.

Their plumage comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, adding to their visual appeal. From solid white to various shades of red, blue, black, and even pied varieties, each Valencia Figurita pigeon showcases its unique and eye-catching coat.

Affectionate and Gentle Nature

Valencia Figuritas are known for their friendly and affectionate disposition. They are social birds and enjoy the company of humans and other pigeons alike. These pigeons are often described as gentle and calm, making them ideal pets for enthusiasts who value a peaceful and harmonious avian companion.

Valencia Figurita Pigeons pair
Valencia Figurita Pigeons pair

Their sweet nature and willingness to bond with their owners make them an excellent choice for beginners and experienced pigeon keepers alike.

Athletic Abilities

Despite their small size, Valencia Figuritas possess remarkable athleticism and agility. They are excellent flyers, capable of quick and precise maneuvers in the air. Their acrobatic flight displays, characterized by rapid wingbeats and tight turns, are a sight to behold.

These pigeons have a strong homing instinct and can be trained for racing or other competitive pigeon sports, showcasing their impressive physical capabilities.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for Valencia Figurita pigeons requires attention to their specific needs. A spacious and secure loft is essential, ensuring they have ample room to stretch their wings and fly.

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and access to clean water are vital for maintaining their overall health and well-being. Additionally, providing nesting materials and opportunities for social interaction is essential to keep these sociable birds content.


Valencia Figurita pigeons are a testament to the beauty and diversity found in the avian world. Their petite size, graceful appearance, and delightful personalities make them an extraordinary breed to admire and care for.

Whether you are a pigeon enthusiast or someone seeking a charming avian companion, the Valencia Figurita pigeon is sure to capture your heart with its unique charm and elegance. So, dive into the world of these tiny wonders and experience the joy of sharing your life with these delightful creatures.

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