Watermelon Farming Business Plan: Best 10 Benefits Of Watermelon Farming

Watermelon farming business plan is a business that serves the local and global market with fresh, healthy, and delicious watermelon. It is a profitable business. The watermelon industry is growing annually because of its numerous health benefits, accessible storage, and transportation. It is also an essential source of employment for the citizens of Africa.

Watermelon production in Africa is still in progress due to limited technology, financial resources, and expertise. The company offers services to both the local farmers and the global business market (the international market), which means that they will be able to improve their revenue through farming and earn income from sales.


Best 11 Benefits of the watermelon farming business

  1. The watermelon farming business provides employment opportunities.
  2. It increases local employment,
  3. It improves the health conditions of the people,
  4. It can be done in an urban area, on any land.
  5. Watermelon is a fruit that can grow in any part of the world.
  6. Watermelon fruit has several health benefits.
  7. This business gives you good profits, and it involves minimal risks.
  8. You can use the extra land for other crops.
  9. It helps to conserve the environment.
  10. It requires very little (if any) external funding.
  11. It is a low-cost business that does not require much investment, especially at the initial stages.

Watermelon farming business plan

There are steps to be followed to grow watermelon and set up a business with it; each step is provided below.

Watermelon Farming Business Plan
Watermelon Farming Business Plan

Land preparation

Watermelon grows best in dry, warm, and sunny locations. However, excess humidity is harmful to watermelon cultivation. Drought and hot temperature tolerance are much higher than watermelon. Fertile loam and sandy loam soils are suitable for watermelon cultivation.

Watermelon cultivation land should be prepared by plowing and laddering as per requirement. After preparing the ground, the soil should be prepared. Seedlings should be planted after applying fertilizer to the earth.

Cultivation time

Generally, January to April is a suitable time for watermelon cultivation. Also, some early varieties can be sown till November-December. But late January to the first part of February is best for sowing seeds. In case of getting an early crop, if the roots are sown in early January, measures should be taken to protect the young seedlings from winter. But there are wide varieties that can be woven for about twelve months. And twelve months bear fruit.

Sowing the seeds

4-5 Seeds can be sown per plant. But 8-10 days before sowing seeds, manure should be prepared and mixed with soil. 2 meters apart in rows and 2 meters in each row. Each female is usually 50 cm. It should be comprehensive and 30 cm deep. After the seedlings grow, two seedlings should be left in each box, and the rest should be removed. Depending on the variety, 1.5-2 grams of seed is required per century.

Other care and management

Before the cultivation of watermelon, the soil should be prepared, and manure should be applied. Watermelon is a deciduous plant; it takes about 70 to 80 days for mature watermelon fruits to ripen. In most cases, only 60 to 70 days are required to harvest the fruit.

It is better not to have more than 3-4 fruits per plant. The fruit should be placed in the center of the tree branch. Usually, four fruits on four branches are enough. It is better to keep only one fruit for 30 leaves.


Watermelon should be irrigated during the dry season. It is best to water at least once a week. But care must be taken so that water does not accumulate at the tree’s base.

Disease management system

Although there is no need to spray chemical pesticides, insects and diseases should be controlled. So it is best to spray insecticide or insect repellent every 15 days starting from the beginning of cultivation.

Fruit picking

It is one of the harvesting farm’s most challenging and tedious jobs. In general, it requires a lot of knowledge to pick fruits each day. But there are some arrangements which help in easier fruit picking.


Usually, watermelon is sold from the farm gate. But selling more than a few dozen fruits requires a lot of time. It is best to sell them in the local market or even in the city market. The marketing of watermelon depends on its quality and taste. Good appearance and good taste attract customers. So it is best to provide proper care and attention to your crop during cultivation. Also, good packaging will increase your profit margin.


Ultimately, the watermelon farming business plan is profitable for both local and global business markets. It is easy to manage and does not require a lot of time. The knowledge is available through the internet or anywhere else. This farm will be profitable for any individual or group.

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