Welsummer Cockerel Temperament: Best 10 Information Of It

Welsummer cockerel temperament is a complex topic that cannot be solved with a single blog. For this article, I will just be discussing summer cockerel temperament in general, the qualities of a Welsummer cockerel, and the different breeds. A cockerel is a male chicken, typically grown to become a breeding animal or fighting bird.

To people who are not very familiar with chickens, it can be hard to distinguish the difference between hens and roosters. Many people describe hens as being “submissive” while roosters are described as being “dominant”. I will refer to a cockerel as a “he” to keep things simple.


How to identify Welsummer cockerel?

You need to know how to identify Welsummer cockerel if you have one. Unlike the hens, Welsummer cockerel can be identified easily. You will notice if a chicken is a Welsummer cockerel or not when it reaches about 6 months of age.

If the chicken you are identifying is younger than that and still growing rapidly, then it could still change at any time so try not to focus too much on its appearance at this stage.

Welsummer Cockerel Temperament
Welsummer Cockerel Temperament

If the chicken you identify with is older than that, you will notice a hairy protuberance on his beak called a wattle. This is where Welsummer cockerels get their name from. If you notice that this protuberance on the beak is all red and smooth, then it means that he’s either just a pullet (young female chicken) or he’s been castrated.

Behavioral characteristics of Welsummer cockerel

A Welsummer cockerel can be less aggressive than other breeds. But it can still hold its own in a fight should the situation call for it. It will not attack other chickens first, but it will defend itself and its territory if attacked by another chicken or any other animal.

This is why hens are safer around you when you have a Welsummer cockerel: It can defend them from danger. You will also notice that hens flock closer to this breed than other breeds. This breed is a good choice if you are not planning to keep the chickens in a confined area and you want them to have a relatively free range outside your house.

This breed is best if you have kids in the house because it’s less aggressive compared to other breeds. Also, this breed is easy to handle for kids because it’s smaller compared to other breeds as well as is more docile and manageable.

Welsummer cockerel temperament

A Welsummer cockerel is usually happy and friendly; it will get along with people as well as the other chickens. This breed is much happier when allowed to roam freely rather than kept in a cage. It has a high desire to roam freely, so you need to give it an area where you can let it roam freely.

This breed is also very energetic and curious. One of the most common things that you will notice is how it wilfully explores every corner of your house, even going into nooks and crannies where you least expect them.

Uses of welsummer cockerel

The Welsummer cockerel is a very versatile breed. You can use it as a pet, as a guard, or for its eggs. This breed is one of the best choices due to its small size and good temperament. It will also give you plenty of eggs, with some varieties giving up to 300 eggs per year. this is incredible considering that hens usually lay about 100-150 eggs per year at most.

The good of welsummer cockerel

  1. The Welsummer cockerel will lay eggs for you, so it’s more useful for egg-laying compared to other breeds.
  2. The Welsummer cockerel is small and easy to handle compared to other breeds.
  3. The Welsummer cockerel is very docile and gentle compared to other breeds, especially when it comes to children.
  4. The Welsummer cockerel is less aggressive compared to other breeds.
  5. The welsummer cockerel is very intelligent. it understands commands and will do whatever you tell it to do, even if it’s not clear. some people say that the Welsummer cockerel can think, but this is a myth; this breed cannot think like a human. it’s just that their brain is smaller compared to other breeds.
  6. The Welsummer cockerel is highly versatile and adaptable, thus making them more suitable for different purposes compared to other breeds.

The bad of welsummer cockerel

  1. The Welsummer cockerel needs plenty of space to roam freely. If you are not giving it enough space, then you will notice that its behavior becomes aggressive, especially when other hens step into its territory.
  2. The Welsummer cockerel is small compared to other breeds. This means that it’s not suited for meat production.
  3. The Welsummer cockerel can be hard to tame compared to other breeds, which is why this breed isn’t suitable for beginners.
  4. The Welsummer cockerel can be aggressive if it gets boring. If you do not give it adequate space to roam, then it will start acting aggressively.
  5. The Welsummer cockerel is not suitable for people who have kids in their house because of its aggressive nature.

Special Considerations

The Welsummer cockerel can be very easy to take care of if you give it enough space to roam freely. This is why this breed is suitable for people who have plenty of land where they can let the chickens roam freely. This breed is not suitable for people who have kids in the house, mainly because of their aggressive nature.

Best 10 information on Welsummer cockerel

Breed NameWelsummer
Other NameWelsummer
Country/Place of OriginThe Tennessee United States.
Breed PurposePet, Egg, and Guard
Breed Class, sizeSmall
Climate ToleranceAll Climate
TemperamentCalm, Friendly, Bears Confinement well, Easily Handled, Quite
ColorBlack, White and Yellow
Egg Shell ColorWhite
Egg Productivity250 to 300 Eggs a year.
As PetsGood
DietMeat, Vegetables, and Seeds. Also, feed them oyster shells
LifespanApproximately 10 to 14 years


The Welsummer is a very good breed of chicken. It’s ideal for those who have plenty of land where they can let the chickens roam freely, or for chicken enthusiasts who have plenty of time to take care of their chickens.

This breed is also a very good choice if you are using them as show birds. You should be aware that the Welsummer cockerels do not take well to being caged.

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