White Siciliana Chickens|| Best 21 Information Of It

White siciliana chickens are a breed of chicken with white feathers, brown eyes, and red feet. Traditionally an ornamental breed, their coloring resembled a fruit to the Romans. White siciliana chickens are a breed of chicken from the Italian island of Sicily.

This breed has been around since the 1800s-1900s and is produced by mating black siciliana chickens with white Langshans or other breeds for coloration purposes. These chickens are used for show purposes and give beautiful yellow eggs when bred properly.


How to identify white siciliana chickens?

When looking for white siciliana chickens, look for white feathers with gray and yellow hatching lines. The feet are red with brown toes. When walking and running, they make a dry clucking sound.

White Siciliana Chickens
White Siciliana Chickens

They have a very high-pitched cry that can be heard somewhat far away. When they are excited, the back feathers are raised; when they are calm, they are folded down. White SICILIANA CHICKENS have small color spots on the ear flap area and their tail feathers.

Behavioral characteristics

White siciliana chickens are docile and quiet birds. They are not nervous and extremely friendly to adults and children. When they are chicks, they will follow you around or even jump on your shoulder and not let you leave.

Once mature, they can become very bossy, so it’s advisable to be trained in this respect as a young chicken. They are very good at fighting other birds, so have another poultry company if you have these birds in your flock.

What is the most exotic chicken breed?

The white siciliana chickens are a very docile breed of chicken. They are very friendly and playful. They are easy to tame and have a high-pitched cry that can be heard far off. When they are young, they always follow you everywhere and do not leave you, even as adults.

What color eggs do buttercups lay?

The white siciliana chickens hatch yellow-speckled eggs. As they get older, their eggs become white. The eggs are high in nutritional value having vitamins A and E and proteins. These eggs are great for making top-quality omelets, frittatas, and quiche.

Are Buttercup chickens rare?

The white siciliana chickens are also known as buttercups. Typically they are raised for showing since they are docile, friendly, confident, and beautiful in color. They raise yellow-speckled eggs that taste better compared to most white eggs.

The white siciliana chickens are rare. They can be found in good numbers in the United States of America and Europe. Their eggs are hard to come by because they only lay for about 10 days and must be collected daily. They have very few offspring, so once you own one, it’s best not to keep more than one because there are limited females available.

Uses of white siciliana chickens

White siciliana chickens are a rare breed of chicken. They show off extremely well and are very beautiful to look at. Since they have red feet and comb, they are typically raised for show, not meat. They lay eggs with high nutritional value in their yolks and make delicious omelets and quiche.

Best 21 information of White siciliana chickens

Breed NameWhite siciliana
Another Name Buttercup, White Sicilian chicken,  Sicilian white chicken, Buttercup Chicken
Country of Origin Italy
Group Heavy Breeds
Conservation status Recovering
Weight Male 13lbs, Female 12lbs
Comb Type Single Comb
Legs Red Footed
Breed Purpose eggs, show
Breed Class, size Bantam
Egg Color Variable, white to light brown
Egg Size Medium
Lifespan 15 years or more
Broody No
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Egg production Fair to Good
Main Use Eggs, Meat, Show Breed
Temperament Aggressive
Rarity No
As Pets Yes
Diet Herbivore


The white siciliana chickens are a rare breed of chicken that happens to be one of the most beautiful families in terms of color. They make excellent pets and are very docile and friendly. Their white feathers are unique, and they give beautiful yellow eggs.

They do not make many eggs, so it is best to keep only one female at a time in your flock. The white siciliana chickens are considered rare, but it’s best to know where you can buy them since they are not as popular as other breeds, such as the Barred Rock.

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