Whiteface Dartmoor Wool, Uses & Best 7+ Information

Whiteface Dartmoor sheep is a breed of domestic sheep. It originated in the Dartmoor region of southwest England. The whiteface is one of the smallest sheep breeds in Britain, but it has a reputation for being hardy and tough. It produces lean meat that goes well with mint jelly, so it’s often referred to as the ‘mint lamb’. Ewes are noted for their maternal qualities, they are excellent mothers and good milkers.

The breed is used on Dartmoor to produce lean lambs for the table and ewe lambs for milk. It is well suited to both hill and lowland pastures. Whiteface fawns usually die within a few hours of birth, because whiteface ewes rarely have more than one lamb at a time.

The whiteface has been bred for many centuries and was introduced onto Dartmoor by the farmer in 1838. It is closely related to the Southdown sheep of England, but its horns are much shorter and more closely set together, without a tuft like the downs.


How to identify whiteface Dartmoor?

The whiteface is a very distinctive sheep, with dark brown or black head and legs, pale body, white rump, and belly. The face is almost completely white. Whiteface ewe lambs have been known to reach 30lbs by 10 months old, but normally do not weigh more than 75 pounds (34 kg) as an adult.

Whiteface Dartmoor breed
Whiteface Dartmoor breed

Whiteface Dartmoor has a wide range of characteristics and skills. They can defend themselves against predators by kicking with their hind legs. The breed can be used for milk and to make cheese, because of the quantity of milk it produces. Whiteface sheep have been known to live up to 20 years old.

Whiteface Dartmoor wool

Whiteface Dartmoor is a breed of sheep with wool in many colors. The most common colors are black, brown, and white. Whiteface Dartmoor coat: whiteface Dartmoor’s coat is very different from the other sheep breeds. It can be any color mixed with black, copper, or grey and white.

The strength of the wool varies with the season: whiteface’s winter wools are thin, while summer wools are stronger. Whiteface Dartmoor fleece: the wool of Dartmoor is thicker and stronger than other sheep’s wool. Whiteface Dartmoor wool is also very shiny.

Behavioral characteristics

Whiteface Dartmoor is not an aggressive breed. In the following lists, you can find the different behaviors of whiteface Dartmoor. Dartmoor is a very active sheep, which means they are constantly moving and browsing plants. Whiteface Dartmoor’s average life span: whiteface Dartmoor sheep live for about 15 years. The maximum age can be up to 20 years.


whiteface Dartmoor is mainly used for meat. It also can be used for wool and milk, which means that it can be a good investment for farmers. The high-quality lean meat of the whiteface Dartmoor is often referred to as ‘mint lamb’. The lean meat from the whiteface Dartmoor gets recognition in Britain because it is both tasty and healthy. The wool of the whiteface Dartmoor has various uses, such as clothing, carpets, upholstery, and even carpets.

Health issue

Whiteface Dartmoor is a healthy breed, which means that it does not have any known health problems.

As pet

Whiteface Dartmoor is a brave breed, so it is an ideal choice for someone who wants to have a pet. However, it should be noted that the whiteface Dartmoor may not be suitable as a pet because they require more attention than other breeds. It is recommended to keep Dartmoor in a pen or other very secure area. Whiteface Dartmoor has many skills and abilities.

The breed can be used for hunting, so it is also called ‘hunting sheep’. This means that they can be used as guard dogs, but they are also good at following their master and barking loudly at intruders. The whiteface Dartmoor is an active breed with very good hearing.

Special Considerations

The whiteface Dartmoor is very good at adapting to different environments, but it should be protected from predators (such as coyotes). The whiteface Dartmoor is sometimes used as a guard dog, but this work is also very difficult. The whiteface Dartmoor should not be confused with the other whiteface breeds of sheep. It’s a smaller sheep breed, which means that it has a lower production of wool, milk, and meat.

Dartmoor is very popular for its protective nature. They can be used as guard dogs or personal assistants. However, review the full breed profile of the whiteface Dartmoor in the following table.

Best 7+ information

Breed NameWhiteface Dartmoor
Country of OriginEngland
Breed PurposeMeat and wool
Breed Class, sizeMedium
Climate ToleranceAny
ColorsBrown, White, Black, Grey, and Copper. The color is often mixed with white.
Life Span15 Years

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