Yellow Stripe Scad, Best 12 Information

Yellow stripe scad is a species of small inshore fish. This fish is in the jack and horse mackerel family Carangidae and is only found in tropical waters, often near the shore. Yellow stripe scad is primarily found in tropical waters, typically close to land.

They’re typically deep-bodied fish that can live up to 18 years old and are recorded at lengths of about 8 inches long. They typically feed on crabs and crustaceans, preferring to be out of water for short periods when hunting.


How to identify yellow stripe scad?

[Yellow stripe scad] has a distinctive yellow stripe running along the length of the body and then continuing along its back and tail: From head, to tail, it measures about 6 inches in adults. The anal fin has a black spot near the outer edge of it.


[Yellow striped scad] grows up to 8 inches long, with males being slightly larger than females. They have a prominently yellow stripe that runs from their head to their tail.

Nutritional benefits of Yellow Stripe Scad

  • High dietary fat content
  • High vitamin A content
  • High vitamin B1 content
  • Good source of Vitamin B2 and B3
  • High protein and carbohydrate content

Muscle tissue is high in sphingomyelin, which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Scads are also a good source of selenium, a mineral that helps keep the immune system healthy.

Behavioral characteristics

Yellow-striped scad is usually found in small groups of less than ten fish. They’re not typically aggressive and are easily approached by humans. They’re often found in shoals near the shore and will occasionally enter the surf to hunt for food. They prefer to be out of the water while hunting but will return to the surface to rest if they believe they’re being hunted.


Yellow stripe scad is a popular food source in the Philippines and Indonesia, where it’s commonly served to tourists. It’s also a popular food source in places like Hawaii and the Bahamas. It’s not typically eaten by locals because of its large size. Fish are caught with baited hooks or nets, then cleaned, gutted, filleted, and cooked. In New Zealand, this fish is often used for fish and chips if it’s too small to sell whole.

Is it possible yellow stripe scad fish culture?

Yes, it is possible but the fishing season is determined by the state or jurisdiction. Most states around the USA, have Commercial and Recreational Fishing Seasons.

Yellow Stripe Scad groups
Yellow Stripe Scad groups

Those states are: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Texas but not all have a commercial fishing season. California does not allow commercial fishing. See this link for details about every state in America.

Special Considerations

Yellow stripe scad is often used as bait to catch larger fish, like swordfish and tuna. However, review the full profile of the Yellow stripe scad in the following table.

Best 12 information

NameYellow stripe scad.
Other Name  Also known as Yellowstipe Trevally, Yellow-Banded Trevally, Smooth-tailed Trevally, Slender Trevally, Slender-Scaled Trevally, jack mackerel fish, etc.
Scientific NameSeriola dumerili (FishBase).
Country/Place of OriginPhilippines and Indonesia.
Breeding Method           Natural.
SizeMales 8.0-9.0 inches.
Breed PurposeFood.
Common LocationsThe Philippines and Indonesia, are typically found in tropical waters near the shore, but are also found the inshore and in the open ocean (in deeper water).
Climate Tolerance           Native climate.
Life expectancyAbout 18 years.


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